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About our national forum
« on: February 02, 2007, 02:43:40 PM »
I would like to mention few things on behalf of sinhalaya team

our soul aim was to create a non bias Sinhala forum.(even this forum was created few months ago,we opened this for public recently)
we have all kinds of srilankan forums everywhere in cyber space but they all kind of lack articles or discussions about srilanka which covers all levels and areas of our country.
many are based on individual self expressions

So Our first aim was to creat a sinhala forum for Srilanka which covers all areas and levels of our culture society and people

Secondly , we didnt want to type sinhala articles (our mother language) in english letters. after further discussions and experiences we recieved from our first forum Fantacy Nimnaya we thought we should have sinhala letters in forums to type.
 ex:-"mehema sinhala wachana engrisi akuru walin liwwama  forum wala kiyawana pirisa seemithai "

thats why webmaster has added sinhalese font feature including some sinhala fonts in sinhalaya and Fantacy nimnaya forums

we have been through this in the first forum we created which is Fantacy nimnaya. ex:even if the articles are in english many of our users use sinhala to reply.
many find it easy to explain and express their ideas in sinhala simply because thats our mother language. majority of us think, speak and dream in sinhala  ;) 
and that explains why most of the articles are in sinhala.

Final point > the lack of sinhala articles on internet simply made us create a SINHALAYA NETWORK FORUM ,   Many of us try to create articles in sinhala - our mother language. so that we would leave back a forum with a True sinhala identity.In a way its kind of creating a place in cyber space for sinhala culture language and traditions.

If u want to post articles in English , u are welcome to do so,
If u'd like to translate what ever is posted here in sinhalaya. U r welcome to do so.

Hope to see ur contributions in this forum

This forum is yours