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Vesak lanterns - Wesak Koodu
« on: April 30, 2007, 12:13:47 AM »

Vesak lanterns are lit in most of the homes in Sri Lanka on Vesak poya day. The lighting signifies an offering to the memory of the Buddha who delivered the message of Dhamma. In ancient times, people used their clay oil lamps for illumination. When candles became popular, colourful lanterns were made in different shapes and used to be lit with these new modes of illumination.

Vesak thoranas or pandols, with colourful pictures depicting the Buddha's life story and also his previous births became popular in cities and suburbs when electric jets were used to attract the attention of the devotees and sightseers who went to see them in the night.

While watching illuminated thoranas the recitation of Sinhala verses to the beat of the rabanas throughout the night became popular. This went on for a few days even after Vesak full moon poya day.


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"Vesak Kuuduve Kathandare" [Vesak Lanterns]
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2007, 01:56:11 AM »
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a#w\@wn\m, "@vsk\ kSdE" yn sAkl\py bQhQ vW@m| iwQh`sy gn @h`yl b#lE@v`t|, em kw`v iw` rsvw\ ekk\.. e' v@gmyQ a@p\ cQw\w sn\w`n@y\ m#@vn\@n, "eq` gm sh pn\sl awr @g`d n#gQl wQb|b e' apRr# sm|bn\n\{km".

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smhr vQt yn\n wQ@yn\@nw\ @l@hsQ phsE qErk\ @n@myQ,, aq v@g\ elQ @p@hlQ @vc|c p`rvl\ wQbE@N n#h# e' k`@l.. h#w#p\m gNn\ mQnQs\sE pyQn\ yn\n a#wQ...

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e' v@g\myQ, vn qEr\g os\@s\ y@nn` @m| g#mQyn\t e' k`@l lyQt| wQb|@b n#h#.. @g`d`k\ @vl`vt hEU awO elQ@yn\ h` @vsk\ h[ elQ@yn\ vQwrk\ m pn\sl\ y`mtyQ hEr# @vl` wQbE@N..

ar klQn\ kQvEv v@g\ wmn\@g nQ@vs\ aq\qrQn\, gm hrh` y@nn ar b#wQmwOn\ @g\ phsEv s[h`, @n`@ykOw\ "elQ" sks\ krl wQbE@N, @k@sl\ bd phn\ v#tvl\, phn\ a`qQ@yn\.. phn\ @k`@h`mw\ hElMt nQ@vnv.. iwQA @m| aphsEv mghrv gn\n wmyQ eq` a@p g#mQyn\ phn a`vrNy @vn vQqQht kQsQym| a`vrNyk\ @yqE@v..

@mm phn r[v` g#nWmt s#kQl\lk\ x`vQw kl`. ey lW qVE h` gs\vl v#l\ vr\g x`vQw@yn\ nQm vEn`.. an\wQ@m| qW ar s#kQl\l l` p#h#wQ a`vrNykQn\ v#@hn vQqQht sks\ krgn\nv... an\n e@hm hq`pE phn\ kSdEvk\ s$m nQ@vskm v`@g\ qk\nt l#bE@N, a@p\ sQAhlyn\@g\ j`n vlm wQbENE prQw&`gXWlW gwQy nQs`.. wm nQ@vs aq\qrQn\ y@nn b#wQmwOn\@g\ phsEv wk`... aq e@hm krn\@n\ kv| q?

an\n e@hm h#qQl vQk`Xy @vc|c @m| "phn\ kSdE sAkl\py" psEk`lWn v @n`@ykOw\ h#dyn\@gn\ nQr\m`Ny @vn\nt un`..
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avs`n vX@yn\ @m| "@vsk\ kSdE" sAkl\py kQyn\@n, sQAhl XQ;\T`c`ryt a`@v|NQk @vc|c iw` v#qgw\ ur#myk\... apQ prpE@rn\ prpErt @m| sAs\k^wQk aAgy @gnQyn\n o|nQ, "@vsk\ kSdE@v| nQym ar\}yn\" q#n@gn m nm|,, e'k iw`mw\ vtQnv..

- sW. I. ktEv`vl@g\, sQAhly` m`{& j`ly