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Children of Tiger bosses study abroad
« on: April 22, 2006, 01:54:50 AM »
> LONDON: LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran's son is studying in London
> and
> his daughter is being educated in Northern Ireland. In addition, S. P.
> Thamilchelvam's daughter is now in Norway according to Tamil sources
> here.
> A former LTTE member living in London indicated that while UNICEF
> confirmed that the Tigers are holding 1,358 child soldiers, children of
> the LTTE hierarchy are studying abroad. These sources said the children
> of
> the LTTE Police Chief, Nadesan, are living in Streatham in South West
> London with Anton Balasingham and his wife taking care of them.
> It is also reported that the former leader of EROS, Balakumar who
> joined
> the LTTE later, has sent his son to Sydney, Australia for studies.
> 'The children of neither the high officials in the LTTE or for that
> matter
> the Sri Lankan government join the armed forces and go to war,' the
> former
> LTTE member said. 'They enjoy living in Western countries while poor
> people's children from both sides get killed on the battlefield.'
> He charged that one reason why the LTTE agreed to the February 2002
> Cease-Fire Agreement was their anxiety to find ways of sending their
> children to Western countries.
> According to UNICEF figures, the LTTE has recruited 5,368 child
> soldiers
> since the CFA but have released some of them due to international
> pressure
> while others have since escaped.