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Aerial Attack on Colombo - Safety Advice
« on: May 07, 2007, 10:39:52 AM »
Last weekend we saw the results of an aerial attack on Colombo and it was reminiscent of TV News footage's of attacks in war zones.

The military's air defenses created  a very spectacular display as we saw  coloured lights shooting across the sky followed by the sound of heavy machine gun fire.

Those coloured lights are in fact bullets which, because of chemicals they are treated in, burn after they are fired.  This allows the gunners to see where the bullets are going.  These bullets are called “Tracer Bullets.”

For every Tracer there are between 5 to 10 normal bullets you can not see. These bullets are big, half an inch (12.5 mm) in diameter and if they hit a house they will go through all the walls in the house and come out the other side, before entering into the next house.  These bullets travel for more than 5 kilometers.  They are very powerful and very dangerous.

The fact is we are in more danger from this Anti-Aircraft fire than we are from the bombs being dropped by suspected LTTE aircraft.  What goes up, has to come down, and these bullets have to come down; sometimes on top of people injuring them. On Saturday most people stood near windows or outside watching this display; in future don't. Stay inside and away from windows.

To make the situation worse there were some Police and Military firing their T56 or AK47 personal weapons from the streets in to the sky.  If you stood on a roof, you could be hit by this shooting.


So the next time there is an Aerial Attack,


---- If you are at home stay indoors and away from the windows.

---- If you are out, stay where you are until the situation is under control.

---- If you are driving, drive into an underground car park or leave your vehicle and find a safe place.
(Your may drive an expensive car, but your life is more important) ;)

Pic: M.A. Pushpakumara
Thanx to Sudarshana Abhayagunaratne n My Bro. for forwarding this via mail
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