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Weather1 6.12
« on: November 11, 2005, 07:21:52 PM »

Desktop weather at it's best! This is a great weather program that can sit in your system tray and keep you posted of current weather conditions, forecasts, Warnings & Advisories, radar/satellite images and much more! Over 5,500 Worldwide locations of which to retrieve current conditions and forecasts. You can also display data from personal weather stations! Over 700 satellite/radar/weather images, including 1-day, 2-day, 10-Day, 3 Month and 12 Month Outlooks, USDA, Forecast images, Population/Census information, and much more!

You have access to hundreds of Satellite and Radar images, including state level radar, weather cams, and much more. You can rotate your wallpaper with local or remote images, have it alert you of severe weather, and many more features. You can also customize the look of Weather1 by changing any of the available skins, fonts, the features link below for all the details.

Weather1 is the weather software you need - whether you're a backyard observer or a serious weather watcher! Desktop weather software at it's best!


No ads.

No subscription service needed.

No invasion of privacy.

Very little CPU usage.

Allows you to preset up to 20 of your favorite, worldwide cities for current conditions. Just about anywhere in the world! Over 5700 worldwide cities to choose from! Supports US zip codes!.

Includes a very user-friendly forecast, none of that meteorlogical mumbo-jumbo for the non-weather techie!

Includes an optional "Side Image" feature which displays your favorite satellite/radar/cam image (or any web page) alongside the main window. You can also have it automatically update itself.

Includes new "Multi-City" tab. You can view all of your favorite locations at once.

Includes a Forecast tab that allows you to easily see the forecast for the current location you are viewing.

HTML template - you can customize the content of the main window by modifying the html template. It supports most HTML features, so you can customize the fonts, colors, content, images, etc. Have fun!.

Weather1 supports SKINS! Includes a Free Weather1 Skin Editor and Skin Editor help file. Additional skins are freely available from my skins page. Also supports MSstyles and themes. You can also adjust the hue and brightness of any skin - so you can customize it to any color you like. :).

An optional Weather1 Screen Saver is available as a free add-on to Weather1 ! It displays the current weather observations and optional satellite/radar image as well.

Automatically updates the conditions every half hour (registered version). The Unregistered version automatically updates every 4 hours. You can manually update the data at any time. You can also monitor personal weather stations from anywhere in the world!

You can view, print or save satellite images, radar images, animated radar, weather cam images (you can also add links to your own weather cams), and optionally set them as your wallpaper! Weather1 can also automatically update your wallpaper with your preferred Satellite, Radar or any web images - you can have up to 20 rotate as your wallpaper. Additional options include how often you want them rotated. You can also include local images from your pc as well.

Over (700+) images included in Weather1! Some of them include: National, regional and state level (animated or still) radar, satellite images or mixed! Also includes US Storm Watch, US UV Index, current Solar Images (NASA), US Lightning Strikes, US Snow Cover, US EarthQuakes, (Real-time) World Earthquake images & Bulletin, US Fire Danger Forecast, US Drought Severity Index, US Fire/Acreage Incident Mgt. Report, Over 50 International satellite images, US *ANIMATED* radar and satellite images, (and many more!). You can also add your own web image links, as well as add your own web cam links.

You can also add your own Internet bookmarks for easy access -- supports an unlimited number of bookmarks. Very handy for your weather bookmarks.

Save weather stats to a daily weather log file, which you can import into your favorite spreadsheet for further analysis, or have Weather1 chart them for you with an included interactive chart viewer.

Includes Warnings & Advisories, 10-day Outlooks for countries around the world, Population/Census information, allergy forecasts, fire danger forecasts, and jet stream forecasts.

Includes optional Weather Warning and Special Weather Statement alerts, which you can customize to alert you by sound, e-mail, or even launch another program, as well as a friendly tray pop-up too!
Includes Climate data, Hydrological data, Public information reports, and Special Weather Statement reports.

Includes 1-month, 3-month and 12-month Outlooks (US only).

Includes EPA Pollution levels for US locations.

Optional Metric or US measurements.

You can minimize it to your system tray for easy access, where it displays the current conditions in an icon, and if you mouse-over the icon in the tray it will show you the basic weather conditions!
Includes optional temperature, humidity, and/or windchill icons to be displayed in the system tray area.

Optional alarms that you can set-up based on temperature, etc., which can display a window, launch a program, or send an e-mail.

Voice-over temperature announcements: You can even create your own to be used or download the various voices available on our download page.

Optional "Stay On Top" feature.

Minimal support for German, Spanish, and French (more to come).

Check for Weather1 update feature, so you can easily verify you are using the most current version of Weather1.

Displays rise and set times for the Sun and Moon, including extensive moon data.

Proxy support.

Weather1 will optionally dial your connection for you as needed, or listen quietly for a connection.

Includes an install/uninstall and a Help file/Users Guide.

A free, optional Weather1 Task Bar is included!
NO dll's or OCX's are needed!
and Much More!


Windows 95, Win98, WinNT, WinME, WinXP, or Win2000 (or later).

Minimum of 2 meg of RAM available.

Internet connection.