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MicroCCD v4.01
« on: November 12, 2005, 06:56:14 PM »

MicroCCD Version 4: A New Standard New! MicroCCD Version 4 is designed for microscope users who want to take high quality images without having to face a steep learning curve. Designed for use in bright field and fluorescence microscopy applications, MicroCCD provides smooth, trouble-free operation of popular imaging cameras. Combined with a color filter wheel or LCD tunable filter, MicroCCD produces images of unparalleled quality. The large variety of image processing, annotation, and inspection features make MicroCCD the indispensable tool for bright field and fluorescence imaging.Support for popular CCD and CMOS cameras, including Apogee, Finger Lakes, Opus I, Roper (Princeton and Photometrics), SBIG, and DirectShow Video Support for CRI Micro*Color, CVI AB-300, Finger Lakes, and SBIG filter wheels One-button color imaging including auto exposure and color filter sequencing Simple calibration procedure for best image quality Quick and easy color balance adjustment Includes a large array of image processing tools Easy to use batch processing Image annotation tools Supports popular file formats ActiveX scripting support

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