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ICQ 4.0 Lite Edition
« on: November 12, 2005, 07:41:26 PM »

The latest version of this classic chat client lets users customize its feature set by adding plug-ins, called Xtraz. Installation is quick, and the clean interface has the rounded, airbrushed look popular in so many skins these days. All functions are easily accessible via the main interface, and clicking the Xtraz button causes a sidebar to slide out, letting you manage plug-ins. The messaging window is equally usable, with buttons for controlling the look and for viewing your message history, and another Xtraz sidebar with plug-ins appropriate for messaging operations, such as sending files or greeting cards. A new feature lets you choose an animated image or one of your own digital photos to represent you on the messaging screen, which we found added a personal touch to chat sessions. A slider in the preferences lets you change the interface color, and ad banners occupy both the main interface and the messaging window. Chat functionality is excellent, and ICQ Lite supports sending SMS messages. The Xtraz sidebar makes it easy to load new plug-ins or to get rid of any you don't use. ICQ Lite includes some useful tools for filtering IM spam, as well as ignore lists and easily accessible user status settings. In the chat client wars, ICQ made a smart move by enhancing its already very good messenger with plug-ins.