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« on: November 12, 2005, 07:58:44 PM »

All Paint-By-Grids products use the "grid method" which Leonardo Da Vinci used to teach art. The grid method divides the image that you want to paint into smaller "bite sized" squares, and then you sketch each square one-at-a-time onto your canvas. When you're done with the last square, your sketch is in perfect perspective and ready to paint! Paint-By-Grids Transfer Sheets work like carbon paper, except they have the Paint-By-Grids grid pattern on the front. Simply tape a transfer sheet onto the surface you wish to paint, such as your favorite brand of canvas or water color paper, a wall, or even decorative painting surfaces such as wood or plaster. This allows you to quickly sketch your artwork on virtually any surface! Features: Gridded on the front, graphite transfer layer on the back Graphite transfer material erasable on most surface Available in four popular sizes Includes 3 free Image Guide transparent overlays for your original image Easy to use on virtually any surface