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I Can't Live Without You
« on: November 14, 2005, 12:07:05 AM »

I love you so much.
But I know that I canít have you back.
Youíre with someone else.
And it kills me inside.

I feel like that I should let go.
But I canít let go.
I fell too much in love with you.
And I gave you my world.

I feel like that youíre everything I am.
You gave me my one true feeling of joy.
And now I want back the way it used to be.
Just me and you together.

I need you so bad.
That it hurts.
I gave you my world.
And I canít get it back.

As long as you have my world.
I canít be me again.
I feel like you gave me life.
That youíre everything that I need.

You make me everything I am.
You make me the way I am.
You make me believe in what I believe.
You help me believe in me.

Why canít things go back?
To the way it used to be.
When it was just me and you.
When I held you in my arms.

I love you more than anything.
And then you left me.
Just like that.
Every time I cried I felt more pain.

The more pain I felt.
The closer I believed that.
My life wasnít worth living anymore.
And that no one cared for me.

Now everything is different.
And I canít hold you.
I canít be with you.
I canít have you near.

I feel like that my life has been taken away.
But I want it back so bad.
You were my life.
And now I donít want to live without.

I canít live without you.



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Re: I Can't Live Without You
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