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The Flash Ad Creator v1.4 Retail
« on: November 16, 2005, 05:57:57 PM »

Create eye catching Flash Animations in minutes! (No Flash experience necessary!) Easy to use - and the results are terrific! The Flash Ad Creator creates animated Ads that look like a Flash expert spent hours laboring over! 60 pre-designed Flash Ads that you can manipulate by changing the text and images of each ad!

UPDATE to Version 1.5!
This update, posted November 3rd, 2005.

Previous versions exported a .swf file (a Flash File) that did not read correctly in "Mozilla" browsers.
Browsers such as FireFox were having "issues" reading the .swf files. This new version fixes this.

Added a "Go To" link to every Ad.
All 60 ads now have a URL you can point your visitors to.

Each Ad now has longer text fields. You can enter in longer names.
* Please keep in mind, however, the text in each field should be relatively short! Ads are not long in text, they're short and to the point. :) Some fields do have a limit. They can now hold more text, but they still "max out" at a certain point.

Native Flash (.fla) files added.
All 60 ads now have the native .fla included. Look for a folder called "Native Flash Files" where you have The Flash Ad Creator installed. The Native Flash files are located inside "The Flash Ad Creator" folder.

Windows users, the native Flash files should be located in:
Program Files/The Flash Ad Creator folder

Download v1.4 Retail
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Download Update to v1.5
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