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AccuRev 3.8 Enterprise
« on: November 16, 2005, 06:03:16 PM »

If you are developing software, whether it is an application or product, an embedded solution, or a web site, you need a software configuration management (SCM) system. AccuRev's proven stream-based architecture is built specifically for today's complex, parallel, and distributed software development environments. Most SCM tools impose their own development process. AccuRev software was designed from the ground up to give you the flexibility and built-in best practices required by your development process. This frees developers from the encumbrances of systems that force them toward less than optimal development models. The First SCM Breakthrough in 20 years The AccuRev Advantage Stream-based architecture overcomes the inadequacies of file-based branch and label tools StreamBrowserвў for instant visualization and dynamic control of the development processes SCM best practices enables processes TimeSafeВ architecture enables truly atomic, transaction-based changes "AccuRev raises the abstraction level to unprecedented heights. The clean architecture, the Stream concept, the graphical control and the ease of administration make it extremely easy to handle even very complex SCM situations