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Diskeeper Professional Edition v10.0.593 Retail
« on: December 10, 2005, 03:57:44 PM »

Increase speed and productivity and reduce Help Desk calls
Disk fragmentation causes countless problems, both minor and major—but who's got the time to defragment every system, every day? Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition handles this Herculean task automatically! With Diskeeper 10 on your systems you can turn your attention to other matters, secure in the knowledge that your systems are virtually immune to fragmentation-related slowdowns, freeze-ups and crashes.

Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition is the tool you need for effective site-wide defragmentation. Set your own schedule for transparent background defragmentation or let the SmartScheduling™ feature build and maintain a custom schedule for each individual machine. Either way, the high-speed defragmentation engine and I/O Smart™ technology ensures that Diskeeper operates unobtrusively in the background and yields hard drive access to other applications and processes. Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition includes FragShield™ to configure critical system files to boost stability and speed. There's even a power saving mode for laptops to ensure that defragmentation won't drain precious battery life.
Diskeeper 10 even simplifies deployment and management—it's fully network-capable and can be installed, scheduled and managed with Diskeeper 10 Administrator Edition or Windows Group Policy.

The hard drive is the biggest performance bottleneck in today’s workstations. Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition improves user productivity and satisfaction by eliminating an entire category of performance and reliability issues. It reduces Help Desk traffic, frees up system administrator time, and lengthens the lifespan of your production systems. Maximizing disk performance will extend the typical workstations life to 4 years, 5 years, and even longer.

Install Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition on your workstations and laptops and see the benefits and improvements for yourself!"