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Project IGI: I'm Going In
« on: December 24, 2005, 07:14:29 PM »

roject IGI Eidos For anyone who grew up during the shadow of atomic warfare the "enemy" was always the Soviets. Not that they weren't nice people, they just tended to enjoy invading places - like Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan - and forcing the locals to enjoy bad food, shortages and babushka dolls.

Well, fortunately for those of us who can't quite seem to get the kill-a-Soviet out of the mindset, there is a special game out from Eidos. Actually, that should be yet another special game from Eidos.

Project IGI is set in post-Soviet Russia and has you, David Llewellyn Jones, as an ex-SAS killer who is sent to recapture a stolen nuclear weapon.

Your task requires you to complete missions in order to progress and, it has to be said, that does take some time.

As a single operative, the odds are stacked against you - with most of the enemy bases you need to penetrate filled to the brim with gun-totting, straight-legged marching sons of Stalin. (Well, okay, maybe that's taking it too far, but, hey, it's my review!)

The missions are difficult, but not impossible, and the sense of achievement at having worked your way through them gives you a warm inner glow.

Graphically, Project IGI is a stunner. The environments are beautifully textured and extend a long way into the distance, the figures are lifelike, as are the buildings, trucks and in-the-hangar jet fighters. So good are they that during cut-in action scenes - where your man performs some action like climbing ladders, sliding, flying-fox like down cables or hacking security systems - it's hard to work out where the game begins and cut scenes end.

But, true to most things gorgeous, it is expensive on the system and can get a little bit chuggy. Still, even at lower-than-you'd-want resolution, it still looks pretty damn sexy.

Gameplay is terrific, although the controls are not what you'd call intuitive. It does take a bit of getting used to, particularly using items and objects, but once you've gone through all the keys you work out it's shift-control.

The Artificial Intelligence is strong, the enemy will try to hunt you down - but sentries appear to be zoned. That is they won't take any notice of you until you cross into, or kill, something in their operations area.

The weaponry is excellent, with a whole range of bullet-spitters available for use. You can pick up replacements along the way - I love an AK47 in the morning - but the lack of ammo resupply for your original guns is, while realistic, a pain in the butt.

Project IGI is a huge and extremely playable - and replayable - game. If you like the Delta Force series then this is a must.

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