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« on: June 22, 2004, 02:45:26 PM »
There are so many words to say
But no way to say them.
For the pain of them hurts like knifes.
They cannot be written
For the force in them would tear the paper.
And every time I think them
My eyes fill up with tears.
I don't want to think of them
For they kill me inside.
But you and I both know these words.
And I can tell they kill you too.
I don't know why I live
But don't want to die.
Even if it seems I don't understand-I do.
Even though I don't want to, I do.
You never know how much you love someone
Until they are truly gone.
I know that you will never be gone.
At least I pray you won't.
For you have stolen my heart.
And with it was all my love.
Will you keep it for me-someplace safe?
And always remember the love in my heart
Will always belong to you and you alone.

Sandali :shock:[/b]