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« on: January 14, 2006, 11:20:42 AM »
Inspired from the term googol, Google is a popular and widely used search engine located at that was first developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996 for a research project at Stanford University. Google was later incorporated on September 7, 1998.
Other Google services / web pages

Froogle - Search for products based off prices, location, type, etc.

Gmail - Google's free online e-mail service with over 1gb of storage.

Google Alerts - Create alert text messages sent to an e-mail address each day or as it happens of web searches, news searches, etc.

Google Analytics - A great site for users who run a website. Google Analytics allows anyone with their own domain to have Google post great reports of visitors on their website. 

Google Answers - Post questions and have it answered by Google searchers for a fee of your choice.

Google Base - Location where you can post information and make your information searchable on Google.

Google Blog - A blog maintained by Google that helps give an insight into the company.

Google Catalogs - Search thousands of different scanned catalogs.

Google Deskbar - Small software utility that adds a Google search to the Microsoft Windows Taskbar allowing users to search without even opening a browser.

Google Desktop - Small software utility that allows Microsoft Windows users to have a small sidebar that displays all the information they commonly want, e-mail , and more.

Google Directory - Browse the Open Directory of web pages modified to list the directory listings by Google's PageRank technology.

Google Features - A great listing from Google of some of its different available features as well as tricks on searching for different content on Google.

Google Groups - Google's bulletin board with millions of users and postings.

Google H4x0r - Display Google's search page and results in leet speak.

Google Home Page - Google's main page.

Google Images- Google search that allows you to search for images instead of text.

Google Klingon - Display Google's search page and results in Klingon.

Google Labs - A section of Google that displays some of the new features they are working on and testing.

Google Maps - A great feature that enables users to search for directions from one location to another, search for local businesses, and more.

Google Moon - In celebration of the first Moon landing, Google created this page which is a map of our Moon as well as each of the moon landings.

Google Personalized - Enables Google users to personalize the Google home page, having it display the latest news they want to view, their local weather, and more.

Google Pig Latin - Display Google's search page and results in Pig Latin.

Google Search by Location - Utilizes Google Maps to find local search results.

Google Sets - Type in a few keywords that are similar to pull up a listing of more words that relate to the words you typed in.

Google Scholar - Allows users to search for scholarly literature.

Google Suggest - Display results as you're typing your search query. This feature enables you to not have to type out full search results or see very similar search queries.

Google News - Great news site automatically generated using the results of news sites queried by Google.

Google SMS - Enables users to send text messages over their mobile using SMS to get quick answers such as driving directions, movie showtimes, local business listing, etc.

Google Talk - Instant Messenger program.

Google Toolbar - For Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer and Firefox users, this software add-on enables users using these browsers to have access to the Google search and other Google features any time the browser window is open.

Google Translator - Translate a foreign language web page or text into your language.

Google Video - Search for online videos hosted by Google as well as transcript text of videos and TV shows.

Google Voice - Use Google search over the phone using your voice.

Google Web Accelerator - For broadband users this is a small software utility for Microsoft Windows users that helps speed up browsing times by utilizing Google's global computer network.

Google Zeitgeist - A listing of some of the top searches on Google. - The philanthropic arm of Google.

Picasa - A great free Microsoft Windows software program to view images, manage images, and much more.[/size]