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Google launches new PC with Google OS
« on: January 14, 2006, 11:30:07 AM »

in a rather interesting development from the Consumer Electronics Show 2006 in Las Vegas, Google is planning to provide a Google-brand Windows-less PC and sell it at a low cost.

A very interesting development from CES 2006, as Google plans to provide their own PC brand "Windowless" Personal Computer. The new Google PC will sell as a low-cost system through a partnership with retail giant Wal-Mart. What's more interesting, is that the Google PC sales deal could be announced as early as Friday.

Just last month, investment house Bear Stearns claimed Google was preparing a box capable of shuffling digital Internet-sourced media content around the home across local wireless or wired networks. The rig is said to be based on Google's own operating system - most likely Linux in Google clothing - rather than Windows.

While it has been often claimed in the past that Google wants to get into the OS business, there's been no compelling reason given why this would be

a good idea. Google's strengths are internet advertising - which is were its money comes from - and its search engine brand. Whether the latter is strong enough to translate into a very different arena - computer hardware - is open to question. Beyond any licensing fee it makes from its manufacturing partner, what's the gain?

Perhaps it's Microsoft that Google is after. However, releasing a Google OS is a very long way from displacing the Beast of Redmond from its PC throne, particularly in the desktop segment. Apple hasn't done it and Linux hasn't done, and both have had many years to try. Google wouldn't exactly be short of competition on the hardware side either.