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« on: January 16, 2006, 05:17:48 PM »
Some Pic's / Info:

Master O-Dor and his army of Ranx have invaded and slain almost all of the ninja clan sworn to defend the land against evil. All except one aged and frail master known simply as "Sensei" and his angry, untrained rookie.
In an effort to fight back, Sensei undertakes a secret mission to Robot Beach to seek the help of Yang, a legendary Ninja guardian, who has one of the íRage Stonesí. Each mystic íRage Stoneí holds within it an awesome power to unlock and magnify the anger of whoever holds it. On the way to Robot Beach, however, Sensei is attacked and imprisoned by one of O-Dorís henchmen. Senseiís student is the last of the clan. He is "ninja". This is his quest. The destiny of his world rests on his big head.

Gravity-defying gameplay. Scale buildings, grind on extreme rails, hover great distances with a sword-copter, ride drifting roller-spheres and utilise specialised manga-style ninja moves to navigate through each dynamic environment.
Multiple weapon control systems. Allows the use of shuriken throwing stars, swords, blowguns, rocket launchers, guided missiles and more.
Challenging enemies and ruthless bosses. Fight the invading Ranx army, in the air, in the sea-even face off with a menacing 150-foot giant robot.
In-game cinematics. Produced and directed by legendary film makers Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Imaginative missions and environments. Ninja's quest includes a variety of thrilling missions and mini-games which span across 5 immense environments, each uniquely designed to exploit Ninja's special abilities.