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« on: March 24, 2006, 02:19:11 PM »
I know this place from time of old,
Dark, scary and very cold.
To be left alone to stand and stare,
Out of the shadows of despair,
To be left to feel so tired and stranded,
The doubt of a liar branded?

With no-one there to understand,
Who's with me to hold my hand?
Left to cry myself asleep,
I alone will secrets keep,
For I must learn how to cope,
From this dark place with little hope.

Heavy baggage forever to be carrying,
Will it prevent me from marrying?
Can I ever again feel whole?
At least this has to be my goal.
All I long for is a hug and a cuddle,
But that's what started this awful muddle.

I tell you one thing that's a definite must,
A dependable man to love and trust,
One that's patient and tolerant of baggage,
To sweep me off in a golden carriage,
To a new life, uninhibited and free,
But most of all to love me for me.

But that sort of thing only happens in books,
And besides, I know I don't have the looks,
Someone please strike a match or a light,
Just so I know an end is in sight,
I know I won't feel like this forever,
I would like to think I'm just that little bit clever.

But please will someone share my path?
To chat to drink and have a laugh,
To say everything will be all right,
To share my load and make it light,
Now it's time for this to end,
Guess what I need is a very close friend.....!

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Re: Alone
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2006, 06:41:38 PM »
I'm ur very close friend...... 8)
......Nothing is Impossible......