Author Topic: Secretary Complain about her "BOSS"  (Read 2635 times)

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Secretary Complain about her "BOSS"
« on: April 24, 2006, 12:37:40 PM »
Secretary Complain about Her  “BOSS”

She says “ My Boss is so crazy.  Every time he comes into the office,  I must do the LAPTOP position, and then the DESKTOP position, followed by the SPREADSHEET format.

I must LOAD UP his SOFT DISK into a HARD DISK, so that he can INSERT in my C DRIVE and then the A DRIVE.

Then he’ll ask me to EJECT his SOFTWARE out side my C DRIVE.  So that he is VIRUS FREE.  Then he changes his mind and decides to ENTER, ENTER, ENTER the whole day till he is in MICROSOFT stage.  Once I tried to ESC (escape), but he caught me and SHIFTed me to his HOME where he started pressing BACKSPACE and the SCROLLOCK.  He never PAUSE.  Many a times he works without CAPSLOCK (cap) and sometimes as an ALTernarive, he CRASHES @ my SYSTEM until he looses his CTRL (control) and again he LOGS IN …. This process may SHUT DOWN his MAIN SYSTEM……