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Aksharaya (a letter of fire)
« on: May 06, 2006, 02:29:25 AM »
Aksharaya (a letter of fire)

Aksharaya (a letter of fire) is the latest move of international awarded Mr. Ashoka Hadagama. It should be release to Sri Lankan audience in this year. But after get all the legal permission to release, The Cultural Affaires Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardana has ban the film in his own unfairly decision. In addition Minister has said this is a blue film & I never allowed to public release of this film. OK, lets we think Aksharaya is a blue as Minister says. But we all know a lot of English blue films have been showed in Sri Lanka under the title of “adults only”. Mind you I am sure that Hadagama don’t waste his creativity to make a blue film. However Aksharaya maybe an uncommon creative expresses as Hadagama’s other work. But Minister’s bawdy mind can not understand such a thing. We also know it is a common sense Cultural Affaires is an invalid Minster post in our country. Therefore the man who is not having any other talent is appointing as Cultural Affaires Minister. Not problem if he is a top order foolish.

But it is a big problem to srilanken “intelligent” cinema fans. Sri lanken cinema has wide range creativity. We also have same ability of aesthetic. We can’t allow losing those things because of someone’s rural ideas. They couldn’t have limited our feelings range. Because Sri Lanka is a democratic country. Not a communist or Not a Kingdom of Mahinda.   Aksharaya may be opposite to “Mihinda Chinthanaya”. But remember that all the srilanken are not “mahindalas”.

This ban is a massage of some kind totalitarian. And also it is a problem about our freedom. Therefore we must announce our protest.

Let’s rally to Protect Sri Lanken’s Freedom of Expression.

Send your protest about film banging to

Nuwan Eranda.
[email protected]

Note – Those attachments are some srilanken civil organization’s protest letters relate this film banging. If you are also think this is a real problem to Sri Lanken’s Freedom of Expression then please forward this mail to all your friends. If you have some ideas about this matter, add it all and forward.

1. Young Film Makers Association (Sri Lanka) announced theirs resist to Minister of National heritage & Cultural affairs about his unfairly banning of Ahoka Hadagama’s new move AKSHARAYA. This is the press release letter which announced theirs opposition.

2. Another organization called national movement 4 liberation of arts has announced theirs protest about unfairly ban of Aksharaya – A Letter of Fire - to The Cultural Affaires Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardana. In additions they said this banging is a part of hiding processes which is inability of government to take care children as well as other problems of country such as economical, terrorism,.. ect. This is the press release letter which announced those things.

2,3,4,5….. is yours….
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Re: Aksharaya (a letter of fire)
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2006, 02:00:15 PM »
I would like to ask few questions from you

1.   you people got the right to make films & express your feelings, but you should not let down the county by using this freedom, you people are putting blame to Sinhalese, Buddhist and showing all bad stuff of them, if you are good film maker go to the Muslim society and try to make a film showing there shortcomings & show what are the difficulties. Can you do it? Never coz you know you will get killed by them… Be a Sri Lankan give some moral to our generation that’s the first thing you have to do

2.   one more thing bother, I herd this Ashoka Hadagama’s film there is a story where Mother & son sleeping ( having sex) together. How you got a story like this. Is it his own experience. I think a some one like Ashoka can do a thing like that(Having sex with his own  mother).

Young Film Makers Association you act your drama as you like with NGO funds, but let me tell you one thing, you can’t act it so long….coz when your son grow up and when he start sleeping with your wife  you will realize what you did in your past.. and one more thing we wont keep silent for so long…