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To Song Request Form - http/

Song Request Policy:
* Your requested songs will be broadcasted on your form submission.

* The request need to be make at least 1 hour of time before it's broadcasting time (as you mentioning)

* A request can be make before 1 month (max.) or before 1 hour (min.)
  12pm - 12am request before at least 1 hr of broadcasting time (SL time)
  12am - 12pm request before at least 4 hrs of broadcasting time (SL time)

* Sinhalaya Radio has the fully authorization to broadcast a request or not to broadcast due to any kind of reason

* The requested broadcasting time may delay between 3 to 6 minutes
* The request broadcasting time should be in Sri Lankan Standard time.
* The priority will be always given to "Classic Sinhala Songs"
* This service may not broadcast the dedications or advertisements

* The service will be fully anonymously (your private data like name, email etc, will not be given to another 3rd party by respecting our Privacy Policy)

* This service is running everyday, every time (365/24/7) basis

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