Author Topic: GIGABYTE Introduces 512MB VGA for High-Definition Gaming  (Read 2552 times)

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GIGABYTE Introduces 512MB VGA for High-Definition Gaming
« on: August 06, 2005, 02:32:14 PM »
GIGABYTE introduced the GV-RX80L512V VGA card based on the ATI X800 XL series graphics accelerator with an impressive 512 MB of onboard memory – twice the capacity of standard high-end VGA card offerings that feature 256 MB of memory. The new high-definition graphics accelerator card also features a dual 256-bit memory interface and Silent Pipe cooling technology to ensure outstanding performance with unequalled quiet operation for media center type applications.

With as many as 16 pipelines, 6 vertex engines and breakthrough image enhancement technology, the GV-RX80L512V steps up as the new flagship in the GIGABYTE ATI series of VGA cards, and introduces unprecedented levels of graphics rendering performance for demanding PC gaming applications. Contributing to the card’s performance, the ATI X800 XL VPU benefits from a technologically advanced new architecture based on the latest 0.11 micron and low-k manufacturing processes to reduce power consumption, while ultra fast and efficient GDDR3 memory boasts extreme data transfer rates from a quiet, cool, single-slot PCI-Express solution. Additionally, the GV-RX80L512V not only maintains smooth image flows, but supports higher display resolutions and more anti-aliasing effects for a powerful high-definition gaming experience.

Industry leading technologies from ATI include revolutionary 3Dc image enhancement technology that uses unique normal-map compression to bring characters to life and scenery to greater realism by significantly improving image details with increased memory bandwidth; what’s more, SMARTSHADER HD supports the Microsoft DirectX 9.0 vertex and pixel programmable engine to ensure top-notch compatibility and performance for OpenGL 2.0 applications. ATI Radeon X800 graphics technology features SMOOTHVISION HD, the industry’s most advanced anti-aliasing technology that enhances images without compromising performance at higher resolutions. Additionally, the GV-RX80L512V with VIDEOSHADER HD takes advantage of its advanced shade processing engine for user programmable video effects, video quality enhancement, and encoding/decoding of various video standards, including MPEG1/2/4, Real Media, DivX and WMV9.