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World's Smallest MP3 Player
« on: August 24, 2005, 03:57:01 PM »
Meet the most amazing digital audio player available; the mobiBLU
Cube DAH-1500. A state-of-the-art player that will rock your

Not only does it have one of the coolest and smallest form factors
in the industry (its slightly less than one inch in each dimension),
but it also sports a cutting edge OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
display that looks terrific and draws less power than conventional
LCD displays.
The result is longer playback time compared to other, larger players,
which is an amazing feat for a player as tiny as this one is.
But of course the main advantage is that you can actually SEE things
like track names, settings, and battery status (unlike those players
with no display!).
OLED displays are brighter and easier to read than standard
technology too.

World's Smallest MP3 Player
Super compact size (24mm*24mm*24mm) and weighs only 18 grams!
A fully featured MP3/audio player that fits in the palm of your hand.

OLED Display
The latest in display technology provides superior sharpness and brilliance over standard LCDs.

Six Preset EQ modes plus one User-Set EQ mode
Features 6 preset equalization modes; Normal / Rock / Jazz / Pop / Classic / Live / and you can also customize equalization to suit your sound.

File Navigation System and Unlimited Folder Capacity
The player can play MP3 files saved in multiple folders. Those files and folders can be selected and played as if in a Windows environment.

Easy & Convenient Clock
Built in clock keeps you on time.

PC Peripheral Device
By connecting the product to PC, the Windows system identifies it as a removable disk. No additional software needed.

FM Radio
Enjoy FM radio listening as well as digital music files (MP3/WMA)!

Built-In Lithium-Ion Battery
No extra battery or recharger is required. This advanced battery system is easily recharged by connecting into the USB port on your PC.

Resume Function in Second Unit
Settings are automatically restored when the unit is powered ON in case of sudden power down.

Firmware Upgradeable
Firmware is easily upgradeable to new features and functions.

Power-Save Mode
Power-save mode saves battery power when player is not in play mode.

Muli-Format Capability
Plays MP3 and WMA formats.

What's just slightly bigger than a caramel, lets you rock out to radio hits or 1GB of your favorite music, can make its own recordings, and is available at Wal-Mart? The bite-size, full-featured MobiBLU DAH-1500i is billed as the "world's smallest" digital audio player, and we're pretty sure that's true—for now, at least. And it does a lot more than just play MP3s. We're so impressed with the DAH-1500i that while we were testing it, our iPod shuffle started whining and giving us puppy-dog eyes.

[flash=515 height=195][/flash]

Overall, PC Magazine says they were amazed that a package so small contains so many features—and well-implemented ones, to boot—at the same price as the iPod shuffle ($129). Sure, the DAH-1500i doesn't have a cute name or quite the sonic power and accuracy of the shuffle. But it's more than adequate for its intended market, and all the extra features (not to mention a screen and freedom from proprietary software) make this the most compelling choice among the current crop of flash players. There's also a 512MB version available for $99. A note to parents with small children: Be careful—some of the 6 colors that it comes in make it look very much like candy.