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Membership Termination - User: Mahima
« on: August 01, 2006, 02:03:03 PM »
01 August 2006

Dear All,

This Is To Inform You That,
User: Mahima Has Been Terminated From
KasuKusu Fantasy Nimnaya Forum From Effected On 01st August 2006.

And, I Wish To Mention Here The Main Reasons To Take This Action As Below..

1. Unethical User Behavoiurs
2. MisUsing The Forum As A "Chat"
3. Spamming Posts.
4. Ignoring The Management's Notices.
5. Violating Terms Of Conditions Of Kasukusu Fantasy Nimnaya forum.
6. Activities Against The Name, Policies & Reputation Of SINHALAYA WORLDWIDE.


Also, Please Note That I Have Taken This Action After Many Of Notices/Warnings To This User At Many Times.

Under This "Member Termination", The All Of Posts/ Topics Has Been Deleted From Our DataBases Which Posted By This User..

Best Regards/
The Webmaster,
I'm on the way..