Author Topic: Is someone spying on you? Find out with hidden camera detector!  (Read 1991 times)

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Locate hidden cameras

What was once previously military technology used for locating hidden wired and wireless spy cameras is now available for the everyday consumer. This hidden camera detector does not rely on detecting the RF signal from a wireless camera or the oscillator frequency radiated by a wired camera, it uses an array of ultra bright LEDs that create a strong reflection from a camera's lens that is easily detected when looking through the viewing port.

Hidden cameras can be quickly and easily detected with this light weight, battery powered device that is easy to use. An array of ultra bright lights provide the lens reflection necessary to detect hidden cameras.

Operation is simple and can easily be perfected with little practice by the user, simply place the SpyFinder® up to the eye and depress the button to activate the bright LEDs. By scanning any room slowly practically any hidden camera can be found.

It can be used in any bedroom, living room, bathroom, hotel room, mall bathroom, any room that may have a hidden camera.