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A classified video clip released - MCNS
« on: August 16, 2006, 09:13:43 AM »

A classified video clip released - MCNS

 A highly classified video clip showing the air reconnaissance over the LTTE training base at Naddalamoodankulam in Mullaittivu was released by the Media Center for National Security (MCNS) today (Tuesday the 15th of August).

The video clip clearly shows the results of the air reconnaissance sessions conducted on the LTTE camp for many years. The camp was bombarded and completely destroyed by the Air force fighter jets yesterday (Monday the 14th of August) killing over 300 LTTE cadres.

Despite the false claims of the Pro- LTTE propagandists that the camp was only a "Children's Home" run by the LTTE; the video clip shows the training sessions of LTTE cadres clad in uniforms, moving of camouflaged vehicles , vehicles carrying armed LTTE cadres and the other defensive arrangements made around the so called "Children's Home"

The map shows the irony of the LTTE's claim since the so called "Children's Home was located deep in the thick Mullaittivu jungle.

The government of Sri Lanka vehemently denounces the LTTE's attempt to mislead the Tamil community and the world over on the great misery the LTTE, itself has brought up on the Tamil community.

The military sources said that the target was pre identified and well established by the highly reliable intelligence sources.
Visit here to down load.>>>
(Windows Media Video format) 
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