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Eternal Love
« on: August 21, 2006, 04:41:31 PM »
Eternal Love[/b]

What do you mean by love?
May be you don’t even think about it,
But for me it’s my whole life
Those days I felt that I could breathe if only you are breathing
I wanted to feel only your gentle touch, taste only your sweet kiss.
Felt that I can’t survive without you.
But I can’t imagine why now I feel strange for all those things that
I expect only from you my sweet heart.
I was your angle something ago….
I don’t know for now who am I to you
Tell me …. I want to know
You were the King of my dream castle
Every night I dreamt about you
Dreams were sweet..
But the reality I faced bitter, even I cannot explain
I wonder…
How can you give your love to someone else?
And share your dreams with me
How dare you change everything happened In between us?
I can’t tolerate my feelings
I LOVED you more than words can ever say
I DESIRED you each an everyday
Unfortunately everything changed
I’ll make my journey through the eternity keeping memories of
You and Me inside...
- Hansini - [/color]
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