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HIV AIDS: empowering migrant workers
« on: August 24, 2006, 12:40:44 AM »
International Labour Organisation (ILO) in association with the Foreign Employment Bureau will take steps to educate prospective migrants on how to resist from HIV/AIDS, a deadly disease, shortly, ILO Co-ordinating Officer Dr. Indra Hettiarachchi said at a meeting at Beruwala Riverina Hotel Auditorium recently.

The meeting was held to educate trade union leaders on HIV AIDS and was organised by the ILO. "A national policy on the prevention of the decease will be formulated shortly by the Health Ministry in association with the Labour Ministry, she said.

"Given at present, a programme to educate those in the hotel, estate and factory sectors is on the cords, and the needy for the programme have been already identified and selected out of those sectors", she said.

" The Motive is to educate others also on the matter", she pointed out.

"Although, we have been discussing HIV AIDS virus since 1980, the number of victims have been increasing day by day and never decreased. Moral conduct of people must be subjected to an acute change to wipe out this menace", she stressed.

"HIV AIDS victims are found in all countries and there are 4,500 victims in Sri Lanka, and in about 25 years Africa will reach the number up to 100 million", she pointed out.

Twenty five million Asians in the world have died due to the disease and accordingly the lifespan of an individual has gone down to 30 years. This situation has also resulted in an acute shortage of labourers in the industrial sector, and first ever AIDS patient in Sri Lanka was found in 1986, but 144 patients have died up to 2005," she pointed out.

"Among them, there were 24 children and about 30 percent were traced from Badulla district. Sexual behaviours among young girls are on the rise and out of 1.2 billion poverty stricken people in the world, 70 per cent among the lot were women.

Those engaged in prostitution in Sri Lanka is on the rise daily and as such sexual diseases are also on the rise", she revealed.

Some people have diseases to speak with pride, but they are reluctant to speak on the same on HIV AIDS. It is a matter of trace", he said.

"They only marginalise those HIV AIDS patients, that's all, and, therefor an attitudinal change among them is needed", he stressed.

"According to revelations of AIDS patients, their names and addresses, children of those patients suffered immense difficulties when they walk in public, and that situation should be stopped forthwith", he insisted.

"About 2 lakhs of non HIV AIDS patients suffering from sex-related other diseases seek admission to hospitals", he finally said.

Lanka workers Trade Union Association Assistant Secretary D. Malavisooriya, and Riverina Residential Manager, Dixon Wijesooriya were among speakers.
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