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Widows, Widowers and Orphans Pension Scheme
« on: August 25, 2006, 11:21:30 PM »
H.D.T. Wijesinghe, Attorney-at-Law B.Sc. (Pub. Ad), Pensions Department

Public sector superannuation benefit systems :

Civil pension Widowers and widows Public service Other gratuities pension scheme Provident Fund

Gratuity and monthly Monthly pension for: pension for:

(a) Public events (a) Widows (a) Lump Sum Payment for (a) Death gratuity non-pensionable public servants

(b) Judicial officers (b) Widowers (b) Gratuity for daily paid employees

(c) Judges of the Supreme (c) Orphans (c) Compensatory pension to Court & Appeal Court dependants of the deceased public servants while on duty

(d) Officers and servicemen (d) Disabled orphans (d) Compensatory pension to of Army, Navy and Air Force total incapacitated public servants due to accident occurred while on duty.

(e) Provincial public servants (e) Pension gratuity to those who have not completed 120 months

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Re: Widows, Widowers and Orphans Pension Scheme
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2006, 11:22:17 PM »
Widows, widowers and orphans pension scheme
History and legal background:

(a) Started in 1885 A.D.

(b) Widows and orphans pension fund established in 1898

(c) Widowers and orphans pension scheme started in 1906

(d) Armed Forces pension scheme started in 1967

(e) Disabled pension system started in 1981


(a) Holder of a permanent pensionable post

(b) Valid marriage contracted during the contributory period

(c) Minimum period of service is not required

Reasons to apply

(a) Death of the contributor.


(a) Spouse

(b) Children up to 26 years

(c) Disabled children - lifetime


(a) Unmarried At retirement - full contribution + compound interest

Amount payable

Which is the pension same amount to be paid if the contrib. utor retired of the date of death.

Computation and payments

File will be sent to the Divisional Secretariat to calculate and pay on the request of the claimant.


(a) Contributor system

(b) Employees' contribution 6%-7% of their salary

(c) Employer does not contribute any thing during the service

(d) Payment will be made on the allocation made by the annual budget.

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