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World Labour Research Unit for Colombo
« on: September 04, 2006, 10:49:02 PM »
Irangika RANGE

COLOMBO: The Foreign Employment Promotion Ministry has obtained Cabinet approval to set up a World Labour Research and Information Centre with the objective of identifying suitable job opportunities in the international market while increasing local productivity to meet the requirements of the foreign employment industry.

The initial investment is nearly Rs.2 million and the centre will commence its operations in January.

Foreign Employment Promotion Minister and Posts and Telecommunications Deputy Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardana said this would vastly benefit the development of the foreign employment industry in Sri Lanka.

The Foreign employment industry is mainly handled by local agencies but it is very informal. This industry has not been properly developed in Sri Lanka now. With the setting up of the centre rapid growth of the industry could be expected.

Research will be done at the centre to match job requirements in the international market. "Then we will be able to send the talented and well- trained people abroad. Under the agreement with the Korean Government, around 4,000 people have been already sent and the others will be sent by following the official system.

"Our demand has been reduced in the international market due to wrong procedures of sending people as required for ad-hoc opportunities. We will follow a proper National policy, to supply locals to meet the required demand in the international market."

This centre will maintain a proper foreign employment opportunities database which will be improved in collaboration with the embassies and through the Internet.

This centre would rapidly develop the human resource sector in Sri Lanka which would help send the correct people for the most to suitable jobs based on their skills to foreign countries.

The Ministry has also paid attention to set up new foreign employment information centres at Divisional Secretary level to provide information on foreign employment opportunities to rural people. It will also provide details of foreign employees to their relatives.

Employees will be registered at the divisional level which would facilitate the welfare and the rehabilitation process of their families.

The Ministry also plans to launch a new housing loan scheme for them.
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