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Forever happy feet
« on: September 06, 2006, 11:54:18 PM »
BEAUTY CARE: Our feet are often the least pampered part of our bodies, put the spring back in your step by giving some tender loving care to your feet.

Our feet carry our weight but we tend to neglect them until they start hurting, forgetting they deserve the best especially after long tiring summer days.

The biggest favour we can do for our feet is to make sure that feet skin is in good condition. According to the Chinese, washing your feet at night is a must as during the day toxins are excreted through the feet, which can be reabsorbed at night and helps you stay clear of infections.

Tackling foot problems
Your feet need comfort at all times, choose fashion footwear sensibly. Chiropodists are of the opinion that trend for high heels and narrow toes make it much more likely for today's women to develop Bunion.

Bunion is an enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe, it is not an old age disease; younger women are getting them often these days. Nobody is born with bunion, wrong footwear encourages the disease mostly by toenails growing into the nail bed and causing infection.

Diseases like hammertoes, bunion and corns are result of crowded toe conditions. Always do shoe shopping after morning hours as your feet are still rested in the mornings. So next time you go for fashion shoe hunting, look for comfort!

Diabetics must not let neglect take a toll on their feet. For happy feet they must have their feet examined regularly to look for problems as early as possible, with diabetes under control, the chance of developing foot ulcers is always less.

A close look at feet everyday between toes and for reduced sensation or numbness must be made into a habit. Any cut, abrasion, redness and swelling must be attended to immediately by your doctor or chiropodist. Avoid dealing with corns on your own.

Do not use corn remover plasters (acid) without the knowledge of your doctor. Tread carefully, avoid injuries. Do not walk bare feet as there is always a chance of damaging your skin.

Take care that you don't want exposure to chemicals. Poor circulation is another challenge for diabetics. Avoid socks that are too tight around the ankles.

For silky, soft feet
Add honey in your footbath. Apparently, honey forms hydrogen peroxide, which is a great anti bacterial agent. It also contains anti- oxidants and attracts moisture (humectants).

Wash your feet in warm soapy water; do not soak them as the soap will rob your feet off natural oils. Dry thoroughly especially between toes.

Use moisturiser liberally as severe dry skin may result in deep cracks in the skin's surface, especially in the feet.

Keep hard skin at bay with using a pumice stone, foot file on ongoing basis. Do not remove all the dead skin on the hard heel padding, leave some to protect and cushion the heel.

Minimise the risk of ingrown toenails. The trick is to cut the nail across to discourage infection. Athlete's foot is a common disease that causes flaky skin and cracks between toes sometimes causing infection. Best treated by anti- fungal cream.

For clean feet and to get rid of bad odour, mix together half water and lemon juice. Dip a paper towel and wipe feet.

People with corns must see a chiropodist every 10 to 12 weeks.

Always dry feet after bath and before wearing socks and foot wear to avoid fungal infection.

When your feet have notched up plenty of miles, it is advisable for tired feet to go for a footbath. Add up to 12 drops of cypress oil to warm water for smelly feet and the same amount of lavender or peppermint in cool water on hot days.

Never wear the same shoe for two days; it takes 24 hours for them to dry thoroughly. Damp shoes encourage fungi to thrive.

Happy feet make happy people. But the happy feet don't just look lovely they are truly healthy!

(The Tribune)

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