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The crow and the piece of cheese (A modern version)
« on: September 08, 2006, 08:41:17 AM »
FABLE: Mr. Crow was hungry but was more angry that day as he had heard a Sinhala song describing the stupidity of a crow, and eulogising the cunningness of a fox. The song described how a crow was duped by a fox to let go a piece of cheese he had collected from a household.

"If I were him I would have never listened to that cunning praise of that fox," he thought for himself.

"Now the damage is done. Our crow nation has been insulted and humiliated. I must find ways to reverse this bad memory". Saying this the crow was off on his daily round to find food.

Roaming in the sky suddenly the crow saw a woman throwing away a large piece of a food item. He instantly recognised it as cheese.

"This is what I have been waiting for a very long time," the crow uttered aloud. "Today I'll show this fox how stupid he is and make him plead to ask for at least a small piece."

Saying this the crow swooped down and grabbed the piece of cheese.

It was a large piece and the crow had to make an extra effort to carry it in his beak.

The cheese was rotten and emanated a nasty smell. But that smell was very appetising for the crow who said, "Normally all cheese have this rotten smell".

The crow after holding the piece of cheese tightly in his beak flew off in search of a fox.

"It will be my victory as well as acclaim to our nation. I'll show the fox that it isn't worthwhile to mess around with crows hereafter". The crow was thinking aloud.

While flying over a jungle area he spotted an old fox who was running away from some

Wood cutters who were cutting down trees illegally. The crow witnessed this and followed the fox into the thick jungle. The fox after running for about three miles felt tired and slowed his pace and started walking.

The crow with his large piece of cheese flew close to the fox and perched on a nearby tree. The fox was tired and also very hungry. He had tried to steal some food from the wood cutters but was chased away.

The hungry fox noticed the large piece of cheese in the crow's beak and he made a friendly gesture to the crow. He remembered the old story how his ancestor duped a crow into letting off a similar piece of cheese.

But at this moment he noticed a different kind of crow who was trying to provoke him and entice him by showing the piece of cheese. "I feel he is trying to bring back the crow nation's "lost glory".

"This time I'll revert to a different strategy." Think aloud he fell down and showed that he was not interested in the food item.

The crow noticed this and he came closer to the fox holding the cheese lightly.

"Mr. Crow. I must tell you that I'm not interested in that rotten cheese and the nasty smell irritates my nose as well as the mouth. So please take your cheese and fly away."

The crow heard this but didn't say anything because if he opened his beak the cheese would fall down.

The fox again tried new strategy. "Yours is a nation of scavengers. "You think eating dirt is like having a meal from a five-star hotel. Mr. Crow what cheese for you.

Cheese is a refined food item which is eaten by the elite of society and for scavengers like you it's rotten cheese. You crows are also rotten like the piece of cheese you have in that beak. So go away scavenger. Let me be."

The Crow was angry. His whole body was shaking with rage. "This dirty old fox has insulted my nation. I'll show him who I am," and opened his beak to utter some choice words of insult to the fox.

That was it. The piece of cheese fell off the beak and the fox grabbed it and ran away into the thick jungle.

Moral: Don't try to provoke people.

- Rohana
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Re: The crow and the piece of cheese (A modern version)
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