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Ageing gracefully the healthy way
« on: September 13, 2006, 08:49:43 PM »
Anushka Nanayakkara

HEALTHY LIVING: Women face dozens of questions on their reproductive life, healthy ageing and endocrinology changes. Today we touch upon several health related problems that worry you. A detailed discussion on each problem will be brought to you from next week. Here's an opportunity to find everything you always wanted to know with the right medical advice.

Q. What is menopause?

A. The natural cessation of periods, mostly after 40.

Q. What are the signs and symptoms of menopause?

A. Periods start getting irregular and periods are skipped for over six months.

Q. How can they get relief ?

A. Each of these can be tackled and assisted by a family doctor and some might be overcome by relieving anxiety.

Q. Do the ovaries actually die ?

A. There is a certain amount of eggs that we are born with. Starting from childhood the ovaries start decaying and not all the eggs mature. Ovaries don't die, but some might be remaining without being fertile.

Q. What are the basic hormones for reproductive life ?

A. Oestrogen and progesterone.

Q. What are the therapies used for the lack of these hormones ?

A. Oestrogen can be used depending on how much a person is lacking and under the observation of the doctor.

Q. Don't the hormones cause cancer ?

A. The evidence in this regard is inconclusive.

Q. Isn't it true that some women don't need hormones ? Don't they just get over menopause ?

A. The woman has the right to decide on that.

Q. What causes breast cancer?

A. There are many causes such as infertility, oestrogen-high injections, family history and dietary habits.

Q. What is a breast examination ?

A. Examining your breasts often is an important way to find breast cancer early as early detection carries a much higher chance of prevention. Not every cancer can be found this way, but it is something you can and should do for yourself. Breast self-examination is essential in a woman's life.

Q. What is a PAP test ?

A. It is test for cervical cancer. A PAP test is recommended after 30 years.

Q. Who are the risk factors for cervical cancer ?

A. Early marriages, multiple partners, abortions, trauma etc.

Q. What are the reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy ?

A. Genetic. Rather than producing an unhealthy child, nature gets rid of it by rejecting the foetus.

Q. How do you recognise normal menarche ?

A. After the age of nine and before 16 with normal bleeding.

Q. What are the causes that delay menarche ?

A. A non-working hormonal clock, genetic diseases, womb defects etc.

Q. What should be done if menarche is delayed ?

A. A doctor should be consulted if your daughter gets mensus only after the age of 16.

Q. What is HRT ?

A. Hormone Replacement Treatment. When you detect symptoms like hot flushes and dryness in the vagina you can undergo HRT.

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