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Legal Aid Commission expands services
« on: October 01, 2006, 10:53:41 AM »
Mohammed Naalir

COLOMBO: The Legal Aid Commission (LAC) was established in 1979. But due to various reasons its services could not be expanded.

The LAC was established to assist people who live below the poverty line.

Now its services have been expanded and all can get its services, said the Director General of Legal Aid Commission and former Supreme Court Judge Hector S. Yapa addressing the annual report launch event of the students for Human Rights for the year 2006 held at Mahaweli Centre on Thursday.

He said that all should be aware of fundamental rights and human rights then, it not will be violated by others.

The LAC is currently conducting awareness campaigns to Government officers, Police and Grama Sevakas in relation to what is meant by law.

Dumindha Nagamu of the students for Human Rights explained about the report.

He said that from 36 Police divisions 12,351 crimes have been reported in 2006.

He further said the reasons attributed to the rising crime rates were rising cost of living, population growth, exceeds the income and inability of the individuals in satisfying their needs.

He said according to the report 12,351 crimes have been reported out of 36 Police divisions and 1940 child abuse cases have been reported.

One hundred and twenty five females have been sexually abused in the year 2005.

For various reasons including marriage purposes eight under-aged children (female) have been abducted.

Nearly 82,904 male and 4,562 females are serving terms in the prisons. The above figures also comprise under-aged children.
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