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November 12 - Poppy Day
« on: October 12, 2006, 06:00:01 PM »
November 12 has been declared as the Poppy Day this year. The first poppy flower of the Poppy flower Movement was pinned on President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association President Major W.M. Weerasooriya at the President's House yesterday(11).

The proceeds from the sale of poppy flowers will be utilised to provide welfare facilities to the dependents of the valiant Security Forces personnel who laid down their lives in service and those who were disabled in combat.

The first Poppy Day was commemorated in the United Kingdom on November 11, 1921 to honour the war heroes who sacrificed their lives in the course of the first and the Second World Wars.

The poppy flower was introduced in crimson to signify the blood, shed in the battle field. Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association Secretary, Captain Patrick Jayasinghe, Poppy Movement President Lieutenant Colonel Sarath Jayawardena and Treasurer Lieutenant D.A.R. Jayasena, attended the occasion.
(Daily News)
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