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The World Around Us,,,:p
« on: October 18, 2006, 08:07:23 AM »

Simchat Torah [ Oct 14 (sunset) - 15 (nightfall) ]

October 14th is Simchat Torah Ė the celebration of the end of one annual cycle of the Torah. A reason to just get together with family and friends and have a Ďfunítabulous time! Another reason to party and have a good time!

   Grouch Day [ Oct 15 ]

Tired of your neighborhood grouch? On October 15th celebrate Grouch Day, by wishing every grouch you know. And if you been a grouch lately, itís time to put on that smile and let bygones be bygones. Send sweet and lovable e-cards and send the grouches packing for good!

Boss's Day [ Oct 16 ]

Heads up guys! October 16th is the day of the Big Guy on Campus. Itís Bossís Day. Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to celebrate the love-hate relationship that most of us share with our bosses! Send e-cards galore to show your bosses how much you appreciate them!

   Pasta Day [ Oct 17 ]

October 17th give your tummies one helluva treat, cuz itís Pasta Day! Get cozy with your friends and loved ones, and cook up some yummy fun times. In midst of all that feasting, donít forget to send out wishes to all your near and dear ones!

   Chocolate Cupcake Day [ Oct 18 ]

Indulge your sweet tooth folks, October 18th is Chocolate Cupcake Day! Whoa! Iím already outta the door and headed to gransí! Grans has invited the whole gang for some chocolicious fun! So while we grab some mouth watering chocolaty fun at gransí, you go on and send some equally sweet but zero cal e-cards to your friends and family out there!

   Long Distance Day [ Oct 18 ]

October 18th also happens to be Long Distance Day. A day for all your near and dear ones who are a loooooooooooong distance away. So, pick up the phone, and make that call. Let them know theyíre on your mind.

   Change Your Life Day [ Oct 19 ]

Wakey! Itís October 19th, Change Your Life Day. Time to put everything right. Throw all the wrong outta your life. If you been thinking about making that change in your life, nowís the time. Take a deep breath and take that plunge!

   Sweetest Day [ Oct 21 ]

October 21st is Sweetest Day. Do some big time indulging with your sweetheart. Send some sweet thoughts to all your friends and family, and while you are at it, spread some sweet smiles and wishes too! Make them feel how special they are, and how much they mean to you.