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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #20 on: December 16, 2006, 08:54:06 PM »
j`wQk rFkvrN sm|m`ny qEm|@k`L sm`gmt [email protected]~ @k`@h`mq?

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@mm [email protected]~ j`wQk rFkvrN sm|m`n [email protected]@l~ sm|m`nl`[email protected]~ l#yQs~wOv sms~w l`[email protected]~m av{`ny @y`mR vQy yRwOy. vQX`l @KQqv`ckyk slkONR em l#yQs~wOv awr vQy. enm| sm|m`n [email protected]@l~ sms~w lAk` mh` prQm`N [email protected]~ @qvn s~}`ny lAk` qEm|@k`L sm`gmt pYq`ny kr wQbWmy. em sm|-m`ny qWmt gw~ mRg~{ wWn~qEv h` in~ a#wQvn h`nQkr Pl vQp`k pQLQb[ jnw`[email protected]~ [email protected]`~{y qQyRNR kQrmt mm bl`@p`@r`w~wO @vmQ. @mm lQpQy hrh` sl~lQ mlEvlt @kL hlmQn~ jnw`v @g`n`t an~qmQn~ [email protected]~ bdvQyw wr krgn~n` smhr @q~Xp`lkyQn~ nQv#rqQ p`rt e~vQ y#yQ m` bl`@p`@r`w~wO [email protected]~ n#w.

qEm|v#tQ vlQn~ lAk`vt sQqE krnR lbn h`nQy pQLQb[v n#vw n#vw kw` kQrm avX& @v| y#yQ @n`sQwmQ. em h`nQy aq sm`[email protected]~ @b`@h`~ @[email protected]~ qn~n` @s~m em h`nQy avm kQrm s[h` a`N~dRv vQsQn~ qEm|v#tQ h` mq&s`r p`ln a{Qk`rQyk~ pQhQtRvWmt pQyvr g#nWmm ehQ brpwlkm kQy` p`yQ. nmRw~ qEm|@k`L sm`gmt rFkvrN sm|m`n qW jnw`[email protected]~ rFkvrNy [email protected]~ qmn lq @s~v` [email protected]~ x`rk`r [email protected]~ q#ng#nWm pQNQs qEm|v#tQ vQsQn~ sms~w l`AkQkyn~ an`-rk~;Qw kr a#wQ a`k`ry s`kc|C` kQrm vtW.

@l`~k @s_K& sAvQ{`nyt anRv qEm|v#tQ x`vQwy ynR @l`[email protected]~ pY{`nwm mhjn @s_K& g#tlE vlQn~ ekkQ. ey vsrkt @l`v mQlQyn 05 k jnw`vk~ (5,000,000) mr# mRvt [email protected] yn awr ey lAk`v wOL v`r~;Qkv 15,000 - 20,000 w~ awr pYm`Nyk~ mrNyt pw~ kryQ. wvw~ ev#nQm lk~; gNnk~ vQvQ{ @r`~g`b`{vlt @y`mR kryQ. @l`~k @s_K& sAvQ{`[email protected]~ qw~wvlt anRv qQgO-k`lWn qEm|p`ny [email protected]~ hrQ adk~m [email protected]~ qEm|p`ny @[email protected]`[email protected] a#wQ vn @r`~gykQnQ. enm| nQ;~p`qky` s[hn~ krnR lbn a`k`ryt x`vQw` kL vQt anQ-v`[email protected]~m mrNyt pw~vn ekm "p`[email protected]`~gQk x`N~dy" qEm|-v#tQy @v|. ey x`vQw` krnR lbn pRq~gly` pmNk~ @n`v, rs`yn qYv& 4000 k vQ; rs`-yn a`kryk~ vn qEm|v#tQ qEm| a`gYhny krnR lbn [email protected]~ s$m @[email protected]~m @r`~g @h`~ mrNy ur#m kr qWmt smw~y.

q#n~ apQ mqk~ @mm "rFkvrN sm|m`n" [email protected] @vw h#@rmR. @mv#nQ rFkvrN sm|-m`nyk~ qEm|@k`L sm`-gm @vw l#bRN pLmR vw`v @my @n`@v|. mWt @prq @mv#nQm sm|m`nyk~ lb`-g#nWmt @mm sm`gm ktyRwO sQqEkr gn~n` lqW. ap @m| pQLQb[v ym| ym| aq`L p`r~X~v vlQn~ kr#NR vQmsnR lqEv, ovRn~ pvsn @b`L[ uw~wr [email protected]~, qEm|@k`L sm`gm uk~w wrg`[email protected]~ nQr~n`yk sm|pRr~N kr a#wQ bvy. @my @kwrm| mRg~{ pQLQwOrk~q? @m`vRn~ ym| qQnyk pYx`krn~t vRvq j`wQk rFkvrN sm|m`n qWmt @[email protected]`w~ ey pRqEmyk~ @n`@v|. yRq~{y nQs` mQyyn pYm`Ny qEm|v#tQ nQs` vsrkt mQyyn pYm`Nyt vd` @[email protected]Qn~ adRy).

qEm|@k`L sm`gm p#[email protected]~ @mm wWn~qEv ovRn~t mhMO pQtQvhlkQ. mQnW m#rmt wvw~ anRgYhykQ. e~ mn~q yw~ qEm|@k`L sm`gm vr~wm`n @l`[email protected]~ wm pYc`rN kYm sQqEkrn a`k`ry @qs vQmsQlQmw~ @ls b#[email protected]`w~ @pnW yyQ. vsrkt mQyyn awQ vQX`l qEm|v#tQ "p`[email protected]`~gQk" pQrQs nQs` qEm|v#tQ sm`gm| [email protected]~ ay hRr# kr g#nWmt iw` vQX`l [email protected]~ mRql~ @y`qmQn~ qQyRNR kYm @v|q x`vQw` krmQn~ sQtW. ehQ ek~ [email protected]|qyk~ [email protected]~ qEm|@k`L sm`[email protected]| pYwQr$py @p`qE mhjnw`v awr @g`dnAv` g#nWmyQ. emgQn~ mQnWmr# cQwYy vs`@gn jnw`v wOLQn~ en [email protected]`~{y avm kr g#nWm armRN [email protected] a#w. e~ s[h` @mm sm`gm| mRU @l`v pRr`m vQvQ{ kYQy`k`rkm| sQqE krnR l#@b|. lAk`v wOLq @mm qEm|@k`L sm`gm psRgQy vsr gNn`v wOL vQvQ{ kYQy`k`rkm| mgQn~ wm sm`[email protected]| pYwQ-r$py ihL qm`g#nWmt uw~s`h kr a#w. hmRq`vl mQyyn rNvQr#vn~ @[email protected]~ rNvQr# s~m`rkyk~ s$qWm, vn`n~wr vg` krnv` y#yQ pYsQq~{ kQrm (ps nQsr# krn pY{`n @b`~gyk~ @ls qEm|@k`L X`ky @l`vm h[En` @gn a#w) @g`vWn~t vg` kQrmt [email protected]~ qWm v#nQ kYQy`k`rkm| in~ kQhQpykQ. @mm rFkvrN sm|m`n lb`g#nWmw~ em pYwQr$py @g`dnAv` g#[email protected]| pY{`n kYmykQ. [email protected]~ km|kr# @qp`[email protected]|n~wOv h` am`w&AXy q#n @h`~ @n`q#n @mm ugOlt v#tW em vrq @qvn vw`vtq sQqE kr a#w.

qEm|@k`L kr~m`n~wy h` a`rk~;`v (rFkvrNy) pQLQb[v vQms` bln vQt qEm|@k`L kr~m`n~wy ynR qEm|@k`L vg` krn~nn~, e~v` vr~g krn~nn~, ehQ ww~w~vy @s`y` bln~nn~ (qEm|@k`L sQBQmQn~) h` qEm|v#tQ nQpqvn @wk~ k`r~yy mN~dly e~v` pYc`rNy kQrmt, vQkQ-NWmt nQrw pQrQs pY{`n [email protected]~ a#wOLw~ @v|. @mm @s~vk pQrQs g#n pmNk~ s#lkOvq, @mm kr~m`[email protected]~ nQrw vWm nQs` @mm ayt @vnw~ kr~m`n~w vl @n`m#wQ vQvQ{ avq`nm| vlt mRhRN qWmt sQqEvn bvt @l`v vQvQ{ @s`y`-g#nWm| a#w.

qEm|@k`L vg` krn~nn~ mRhRN @qn avq`nm in~ pY{`n @v|. Tr##b oqi~jjq Wsjnb#QQ nm| [email protected]`tQn~ vQ; [email protected]| @r`~gW ww~w~vy @m| ay awr bhRly. anQk s`m`n&@yn~ v#dQm k^;Q rs`ynQk h` k^mQ n`Xk pYm`Nyk~ x`vQw` krn vg`v qEm|@k`L vg`v b#vQn~ @mm @g`vWn~ awr k^;Q rs`yn h` k^mQ n`Xk vQ; [email protected]| @r`~gW ww~w~v-yn~q bhRly. [email protected]~;@yn~m qEm|@k`L X`[email protected]~ vQvQ{ avqQvltanRv vQvQ{ k^mQ n`Xk @mm @g`vWn~t x`vQw` kQrmt sQqEv a#w. qEm|@k`L sksn~nn~ h` qEm|@k`L vl "pYmQwQy" bln~nn~ gw~ kL s^jRvq q#dQ avq`nmkt mRhRN @q~. ekk~ [email protected]~ vQ; rs`yn Xrr gw vWmy. @qv#n~n qEm|@k`L a`GY`Ny nQs` e~ ayq vQvQ{ @r`~g`b`{ vlt @g`qEr# vWmyQ. m$w k`[email protected]~ qEm|@k`L sm`[email protected]| ev#nQm rFkQy`vk~ kL [email protected] @pnhlE pQLQk`vkQn~ mQy [email protected]~y. nmRw~ ey krLQyt e~m qEm|@k`L sm`gm vLk~v`lWy.

@myQn~ apt @[email protected][email protected]~ qEm|@k`L kr~m`n~wy ehQ @s~vkyn~tvw~ sRrk~-;Qw n#wQ bvy. ey nQpqvn qEm|v#tQy sms~w rtk~ @r`~gW kr a`r~}Qk awQn~q vQn`X kr qmyQ. @m| pQLQb[v mRU @l`@v|m a#s~ pn`pQt @mwrm| s`{k wQbQyqW, em sm`gmt @qvn vrtw~ j`wQk rFkvrN sm|m`n lb`qWm @[email protected]~ s`{`rNWkrNy kL h#kQq? anQk jn`{QpwQwOm`@g~ "mhQn~q cQn~wn" v#[email protected] anRv qEm|v#tQ mq&s`r mrN vLk~v` g#nWmt j`wQk pYwQpw~wQyk~ sks~ kr vQX`l iqQrQ pQyvrk~ wbn @m`@h`wk, [email protected]~ a`ywnykQn~ qEm|[email protected]`L sm`gmt "a`rk~;Qw @l~blyk~" mRU rtk~ [email protected]~ a#lvWm pQLQb[v @h~wO vR kr#NR q#n g#nWmt @mrt sms~w jnw`vt id slsnR a#w#yQ ihw sm|m`n [email protected]@l~ sAvQ{`[email protected]~ m` bl`@p`@r`w~wO @vmQ.

[email protected]~;`Ag

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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #21 on: December 17, 2006, 04:21:52 AM »
hi poor buru nango :P

please search through this site to get new fonts

and when you saved /or unzipped your new font,here is the  procedure  to install new font to PC

start > Settings > control panel > fonts >then  select install new font 

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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #22 on: December 17, 2006, 02:00:33 PM »
Just wondering if this directly affect the tobacco companies??

anyway this is a good step , but ppl can smoke in homes ne, I think they should just wipe off ciggarets from society
I know its way too hard .. but we can still try neda?
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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #23 on: December 17, 2006, 06:44:26 PM »
hi poor buru nango :P

please search through this site to get new fonts

and when you saved /or unzipped your new font,here is the  procedure  to install new font to PC

start > Settings > control panel > fonts >then  select install new font 

 hey Uho ayyo,
 tnx much.. eth meka  bug error ekak... mata me fonts thibunata kiyavanna be... IE 7 valin vitarai puluvan..... 8)

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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #24 on: December 18, 2006, 11:39:16 AM »
Dear Dishan & Buru,

Normally,, Fantasy Nimnaya Doesn't Need The Related Sinhala Font In Users PC.
Coz, We Are Using A Special Font Displaying Method..

So,,,, Please Make Sure To,

1. Use "Microsoft Internet Explorer" For Viewing Fonts Automatically...
    Our Automated Fonts Displaying System Will Only Support To "IE".

2. If You Use "Firefox", You Have To Install The Fonts Manually..
    If It Is, Please Download The Font Pack Here >>

Please Try It..  :P
Or, If There's Any Other Way To Assist You, Please Let Me Know..

Best Rgds/

I think web master would be able help you on this problem. I do not know how they have configure the Font in FN. I'm using "akandynew.fnt".

Dear Web Master Please help "Poor me alias Buru " on this issue.


I'm on the way..

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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #25 on: December 18, 2006, 12:05:47 PM »
Here is another addition to this thread from another forum: :)

Total ban on cigaratte smoking
Should there be a total ban on smoking of cigarattes ?
Started on  10-Jul-2004  By  Aneeta DSouza   E-mail : [email protected]

YES! There should be a ban on smoking cigarattes. Smoking is bad for health and you may also die because of smoking. Many people like smoking but I think they should try to stop it. But I can understand that they cannot stop it because they've used cigarattes for a long time. If they want to live for a long time then they should stop it. If they stop smoking, it is good for them, for the people around them, FOR EVERYONE !
   Yes they should.
jisa merin joy n
   There should be a total ban on smoking because even if it is considered as a minor vice,it can affect both the smokers as well as non-smokers. It can cause various health hazards and can even affect a foetus in the womb. So why do people want to take chances not only with their own lives but also with their families.If considered in an economical way,then it also an unnecessary expenditure. So I think it is better to leave such an 'addiction' like smoking.
Mahendra Varma
   Yes, there should be a complete ban on the smoking of cigarattes. But I feel this would not happen as there are no proper measures taken by the government to aboilish this cigarrate smoking. Though government could restrict by not allowing to smoke in public places there is still lot more to be done for complete BAN.
Very nice.
There should be a total ban on smoking of cigarattes as cigarattes are injurious to health.
   Yes. I agree with what you said. It is not only injurious to people who smoke but it also affects the other people around them. It also increases the pollution.
   Of course, smoking has to be banned completely since it affects the health and wealth. That minor vice not only affects the user but also affects his fellow beings.If a pregnant lady is having the habit of smoking, it will surely affect the life in her womb. So why to take so much of risks!
   I don't think there should be a total ban on smoking, maybe there should be a ban in public places but else where no because it is the public who is getting annoyed by breathing in other people's smoke.
Yes cigarette should be banned compalsarily because now a days it is leading to the death of so many people in their young age only,and also mainly youth are getting addicted to cigarette which may cause to several problems in their future life.
Aishwarya. Prabhu
   Yes, to an extent smoking should be banned because it is injurious but the government cannot ban somking because it is a field in which the govt gets revenue. It should be people's choice of choosing whether to smoke or not.
suman h.satish
I think children will also get effected in the future generation. Now in this generation itself we see college people smoking and young people getting addicted to it. SoI think there should be a complete ban on cigarette smoking.
Shreya Patel
   Make the earth a better place to live in. Stop smoking !
   Yes.There is no doubt to ban the smoking.I am from Kerala and in my state there is a total ban on smoking in public places. And now it works wonderfully. Now nobody can see a person who smokes in public places.
Yes! Smoking is harmful for smokers themselves as well as those around them. I can't stand people smoking around me even on the sidewalk. However, I think that the government must provide free quit smoking aids to smokers before a total smoking ban goes into effect.
   No, I do not agree.
Parit Mehta
YES! there shud be total ban on not only smoking but cigarettes themself. They are injurious to health and to the persons around them. It should also be banned especially for women. It also adds to pollution. Smoking is like an addicting drug.
shashank khokher
   Dear friends I am favour of this topic that there should be a ban on cigaratte as it is harmful for both smoker and non-smoker. According to a survey each cigaratte cost a smoker 10 minutes of his life. But if one is addicted, it is difficult to get rid of it as it contain nicotine.
Akshay Hooda
   Yes I think that that there should be a ban on cigarrate because as you know that it is injurious to our health. But in this fast world we have lots of tension so for releasing that we need that. As I am a 10 year old child I want to say that we should not get addicted it also effects our lungs.
   Yes,I totally agree.
   It's a real good thing to be done. It's highly deleterious for health. I lost my dad due to its effects. People out there please avoid it. It's bad for your family as well as for you.
   Quitting smoking and banning it is not that simple. I am not a smoker and think nobody should smoke but the fact is that the majority of our population is doing it. Banning it completely would just cause people to smoke against the law. They would just simply go to the black market or other places to get cigarattes. This would possibly open another gap and eventually everyone would have their ciggarattes and maybe get oether substances illegally. The ban would just crumble and be completely unsuccesful.
   Hello all Happy New year & Xmas for all. Specially thanks and congratulation for team!
   Well, hi everybody! I'm a newcomer and it seems rather interesting read your posts! At the same time, if you know about other forums with the same subjects, please, give me the links! I will be grateful! I'm a student and gather the information like this to to defend a master's thesis. My best regards!


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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #26 on: December 18, 2006, 12:17:19 PM »
Aio den meka yanne weradi parakani. ei e. ehema neme api ayeth yamu hari pare.
 itin me dumweti nisa aperate wedihiti paramparawage katha api den meken hodata dekka. e itin e ayata hithena hetini. ehema nemei api balanna one me rate inna podihiti paramparawa genai neda. e aya gena hithala me wede nawathwanna kramayak hithanna one. itin e nisai ma. chinthane ehema deyak dala thiyenne nethuwa meka me rate inna wedihitiyawa hadanna hithagenama karapudeyak nemei neda. itin api merate podihiti paramparawa gena hithala neda weda karanna one. nethnam unta inna thiyena thenak gena hithagannawath beriwei. mokada me rata e tharamma jarajeerna una ratak wei thawa tika kalayak yanakota.
itin api thanks karanna one merate ehema nithiyak hadanna udau karapu ape rate janadhipathi garu Mahinda Rajapaksha methithumatai e wedeta supprot karapu hemotamai. itn oya kathakale  Dumweti genani Onna den Mathpen wikunanna behelu pasal laga e kiyanne adumatharame pasalaka idala 500 meters wath dura thiyenna onelu ehema wikunana then hebei itin 500 nemei me dura 2500 meters wath karanam thama hoda.
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Re: Mathpen - Dumweti Thahanam Sthana menna
« Reply #27 on: December 23, 2006, 12:28:49 AM »
I am so happy about this decision,
way to go !