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The hamster story,
« on: March 15, 2007, 02:01:11 AM »
From a true conversation between 2 best friends

buy a hamster

ish - why u are in a bad mood?

ama - mata una ganilaa

ish - moko

ama - saneepa naha

ish - need some medicine??

ama - I'll take some panadol

Ish - i told u the problem and u dont listen t o me

ama - heheeeeee

Ish -come lets go now and get the hamster

ama - nope hamster karadharayak wei and remember rodents can cause life threatening diseases

Ish -but if u are alone it will be more trouble. the last 2 weeks without ayya at home felt terrible i dont know how u stayed for 2 years its normal we are all humans

ama - thats ok I'll try to live

Ish - there is a diffetrence btw LIVING and SURVIVING! i am sure ur parents would be happy if u were living instead of surviving come get ready, we'll get the hamster

ama - i am living arenít I?

Ish - nope  u know pretty well what u are doing u are just trying to hide everything inside and keep out for urself and ur afraid to let ur feelings out

ama - haahaa my philosopher

Ish - hehe of course everyone says so  and i know how people r :)

ama - I dont know dear I am ok I guess

Ish - listen dont lie to urself and dont try act smart to me
I just have to fight everything alone thats what is hard  but listen,  let me finish

when people dont love and dont give love..even by words for long time and specialy after 19-20 they loose the touch of love and caring for someone and

later u will have a failed marriage coz u dont know it but u will notknow how to love and to be loved so best thing is take a pet till u learn not to be afraid of ur feelings and the world u wanna go and buy teh hamsteer??now?or maybe tomorrow

ama - nope

Ish -ok then come now  feel sorry for u

ama - anee epa ,, it would be n extra karadharayak

Ish - coz i cant believe how u are staying like that

ama - anee dont feel sorry,, thawa kattiya inne mama wagema me loke

Ish - my dad always told me  never be one of the others

ama - :) wooow thats a nice advice

Ish - so dont care abt how others live ..ok get ready lets go and buy it

ama - hmmm wait a sec ,I'll try to live with this loneliness, make it my challenge

Ish -u are making me so pissed now yako modayo challenge ganne oyawage dewal ekka nemei most important thing in life is to be happy
 get ready and come u know what i will give u money for the hamster so its on me

ama - nooooooooo pissa ,, heta balamu I'm clueless

Ish - hehe ok think and we can go after lecture

ama -  :D

Ish - ok that'll be better


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