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Indian Version Of "Suranganeeta Maalu Genaavaa.." Melody...
« on: September 13, 2007, 04:42:18 AM »
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in\qQy`@vw\ q#n\ [email protected]\ wnE vlt sQAqE hqnv @n\ q [email protected]| ???

(Based On The Tune "Surangani")

q#n\ bln\d... e' mQnQs\sE [email protected]\ "sErAgnW" wnEv p`vQc|cQ krl nQr\m`Nyk\ kl`.. aq`l nQr\m`[email protected]\ m em [email protected]\ wnEv gw\@w @k`@hn\q kQyl @pn\vn\n wrm| nQhwm`nW vWm m [email protected]\ q#n\ in\n ayt a`qr\Xyk\...

[email protected]\ ay [email protected] @[email protected]@n.. [email protected]\ p#rNQ kl`kr#vn\@g nQr\m`N amE [email protected] @y`q`@gn, ek ek vQc|cRrN krl, wmn\@g @qyk\ vQqQht hrQ a`dm|[email protected]\ elQyt q`nv,,, [email protected]\ m`{&ynEw\ e'vtm w#nk\ @qn\@n @h\wOvk\ nQs`..

q#n\ k`@l,
mQk\sr\ ek, prQgNky n#w\wm| @m| in\n sAgWw @h`r# @r`w\w sQAqE kQyl ivryQ..
vQ;Evl\ ekk\ n#w\wm| sQAqEw\ n#h#..
[email protected]\ ar#wt, x`vyt vd`,
ad nQr#vwQn\ rMn nQr$pQk`vn\, w`w\[email protected] ;r\t| sh [email protected]\ phlt el\@ln klQsm| a#[@gn pMr n#t|tn\@g\ n#tEm| o|n$ @vn wrmtm [email protected]\ aUw\ [email protected]\ bEq\{Qy @m`t|t @vl` [email protected] nQs`m @h`[yQ ar klQA kQvEv uqvQy pvwQn\n...

nvk [email protected]\ ksEn\ kl\h`r, jnn`w\ vrk`@g`d [email protected]\ kQhQp @[email protected]\ a#r#nm, bhEwryk\ @qn` "@p`rvl\ [email protected]|" m`nsQkw\[email protected]\ nQr\m`N krn ay kQyl q#@nn\@n, anEn\@g\ @q\vl\ wmn\@g\ m vQqQht [email protected]`\t| [email protected],, ar plmE nQr\m`Ny g#n vcnyk\vw\ @n`@q`d` in\n wrm| s`hsQk @vn nQs`y kQylyQ apQt nm| [email protected]\@n..

- sQAhly` vQmsEm
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