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their youths and our youths
« on: June 18, 2007, 12:14:21 AM »

READ CAREFULLY and understand how Eelamist youth movment is still active whilist our Neo-Sinhala  youths are playing Cricket, wathching Sirasa kumariya and dreaming  the love fantacy. Yes... we have to play Cricket  and enjoy. Of course life is not a prison. But there are other things to do as well.

There 're very important things to do. Especially, organizing the SL civil movement (without stupid and "shunyawadi" politics) and increasing the global and counter cyber activity as well.

The time is running... what are you doing????? just talking, dreaming and writing feelings ?


Diaspora youth speakout- By tamilnet

[TamilNet, Saturday, 16 June 2007, 23:21 GMT]
A new brand of politically active Canadian Tamil youths are seeking innovative new outlets to express their political message, and to capture the attention of local media. Social networking sites including YouTube, and Facebook have become key electronic arsenal youths have marshalled to promote political themes and to invite other youths to join action groups. Groups employ well-organized public relations efforts including marathon-walks through cities to attract attention of the local media, law enforcement authorities and politicians.

Eight Tamil youths take their fight for social equality to the streets walking for 20 days to Parliament Hill Ottawa from Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, a distance of nearly 495 km.
The increasing numbers of technocratic Tamil nisei (second generation) in Canada, products of popular Canadian universities including Universities of Toronto, Carleton, Ryerson and others, are emerging as a potent force in political advocacy in support of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Building on the organizational strength and peer support from campus student organizations, the Canadian youths are branching out into mainstream political activism. In a recently concluded campaign, an active youth group organized a walkathon from Toronto to Ottawa, through many Canadian townships, met with the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] officials and conducted a press briefing at the Parliament Hill to the mainstream media.

"The group is hoping that awareness will create dialogue between the Canadian government and Tamil Eelam. They have set up a Facebook group on the Internet and it already has more than 600 members who are contributing comments and words of encouragement to the young men," Durham region News reported.

Students from Toronto travelled in a chartered bus to support the student group on June 11th, and Universities of Ottawa, Carleton students attended in large numbers at Parliament Hill for the final day event to celebrate the "International Student uprising day." Students marched across Governer General's house and Prime Minister Harper's house slanting slogans reflecting their rights to bring the reasonableness of Tamil struggle known to Canadians, spokesperson for the group told the media.

In the US, "People for Equality And Relief in Lanka (PEARL)," a political action group formed by Tamil American youths, have been active in the US for the past three years. The group has developed an effective strategy to organize letter writing campaigns to influence US Policy makers.The group is "dedicated to promoting a fair and balanced perspective of the conflict in Sri Lanka, providing U.S. policymakers with the often-obscured truth of the situation there, organizing constituents to more effectively foster positive change, and inspiring political and moral courage in consideration of the conflict in Sri Lanka and the human rights atrocities committed there," the website says.

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