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Epaa Waaheta Service Pack Bedima..
« on: June 22, 2007, 01:24:03 PM »
ep` v`@h\ t Service Pack @bqWm

Google sm`[email protected]\ sh r`j& a`ywn vl pWdny [email protected]| sQy nvwm @[email protected]| pq\{wQy vn Windows Vista vl a#wQ Desktop Search v#dsthn @vnEvt @vnw\ v#dsthn install [email protected]| h#kQy`v phsEkrvn bv Microsof sm`gm psEgQyq` pYk`X [email protected]\y. @mm h#kQy`v
vQn\@d`\s\ vQs\t` pLmEvn
Service Pack  ek smg lb`@qn bv ovEn\ pvsyQ.

Chandana S. Jayakody, Sinhalaya News Agency 8)
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