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Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« on: July 13, 2007, 01:16:12 AM »
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- sQAhly` pEvw

The Original News Source:
Sinhalaya News Agency >>
I'm on the way..

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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2007, 03:40:55 AM »
I'm surprised, why he is still the leader of UNP, his has shown in numerous occasions that he is detached from the majority of this country, he doesn't know our culture, our language and has no regard for them. We saw that very clearly on the " Pasdun rata" incident during the election times. We know he's pro seperatism he has never said that he denounce LTTE violence and that Tamil grivences and Tamil homeland stroties are myths. We know that he was eagerly waiting to shake the megalomaniac Prabakarans hand after signing the MOU in 2002, when Praba didn't turn up he was so upset he rejected to shake hand with the LTTE terrorist who signed it.
On the other hand we know he has no leadership qualities, a common complain of the UNP cabinet was that only a few friend of Ranil could approach him. His sexual orientation is also under question. Why is he still the leader of UNP? Does the MPs of UNP approve his statement?  This is what every body should be asking. A strong leader who has a feeling for his country and the common people as the opposition leader is beneficial for the country. This is the time to retire him and the generation of "kalu suddas" from our politics. Lets win  Sri Lankan politics to the common man.

Some one who bought lunch packets from the seller near the university
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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2007, 08:43:39 AM »
Jathiyaka, Agamaka agayak dannethi minissunge katha walata monawa kiyannada?.... :lol:
......Nothing is Impossible......

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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2007, 09:41:18 AM »
Menna AMDAN ayya ge GON Talk eka .... :lol:

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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2007, 09:51:53 AM »
Ape Wisista Rana Wiruwanta Jaya wewa kiyala mulinma mama prarthana karanawa.

Mokakda mey Thoppigala ei meke wedagathkama mewa gena danne nethi eun ekka mona kathada. me gena dena ganna rate thiyena History eka gena dena ganna one. ehema nethuwa me Thoppigala nethuwa wena deyak unath ochchra thama.

oya kathawa kiyana Ranil nam maha wiruwata puluwannam oya kathawa Thoppigala gihin kiyanna kiyala mama abiyoga karanawa. me wage katha kiyana eunwa toku enala one maranna. deshadrohin......

hari nam mey wena kota ape mey punchi lankawe hema assak mullakama apey e abitha National Flag eka lela denna one. eth thama ehema deyak wela thiyenawada?????

Eththatama mey gena apita apey e Rana Wiruwan wenuwen Loku Athmabimaniya hegimak ethi wela thiyenne. api e aya wenuwen karana kepawima gena karala thiyena dey gena eththatama sehimakata pathwiya hekida???

apey me samahara Napunsakin ekek dennek nisa mulu jathiyama apahasuthawayata path wenawa.

adata mama nawathinawa newatha wathawak ape me
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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2007, 02:14:03 PM »

Shot at 2007-07-13 :x

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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #6 on: July 13, 2007, 02:45:44 PM »
mm nm| hQwn\@n @m| [email protected]\ mQnQs\sE g#n kw` krn\n @y`q` gn\n [email protected]\ vcnw\ apr`@q kQyl`[email protected]\ hmEq`@v vQr#@v` rt @b|r gn\n qw kq\qQ @m| @m`d yk\kO [email protected]\ @bq` gn\n qw knv`[email protected]| [email protected] mQnQs\sEn\v pr\[email protected]\wOvt @g\n [email protected]\m jnw`vm wmyQ @m|vt vg kQv yEw\@w.
        mQnQs\[email protected]\ q#n\vw\ rt g#n hQwl` wWrN gn\n pEr#qE @vyl\l`.n#w\nm| @m| [email protected]\ @q\[email protected]`\[email protected]` [email protected]\ rt vQn`X [email protected]\ j`wQy vQn`X kryQ.
     [email protected]\ hmEq` @sbl @sblQyn\t @y`\{ bl @y`\{ Xk\wQy l#@b|v`!

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Ape rate eelanagat wenna inna Nayakayage Gon Katha
« Reply #7 on: July 14, 2007, 08:59:57 AM »

 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #8 on: September 25, 2007, 11:42:00 PM »
[email protected]\ [email protected]| mQnQs\sE Cn\@q il\ln\n en kt|[email protected]\ p#tQkQrQy @h`yn\@n\ n#wQ [email protected]\ v#rFq\q wmyQ o|k. rnQl\ kQyn pEq\gly`@g p#tQkQrQy @h`yn @k`t apt @p\nv` avs\}`v`qW @q\[email protected]`\hW prm|pr`vk ?an\wQm pEr#k bv.

rnQl\@g\ mEwOn\ mQw\wn\ kvEq? rnQl\ @g prpErt n$q$ @vn @[email protected]\ wmyQ mnm|@pr#m @m`@h`t|t`l. 1815 qW sEq\qn\t XWY vQkYm r`jsQAh rj\jEr#vn\v al\ll` @qn\n uqvE krpE [email protected]\ wmyQ mnm|@pr#m @m`@h`t|t`l kQyn\@n. on\n rnQl\@g @[email protected]`\hW prm|pr`@v mEl\ pEr#k.

18 @vnQ [email protected]\ m#q x`gy @vn @k`t @m ay kQYs\wQy`nQ a`gm v#l[ gw\w`. e' a`gm g#n xk\wQykQn\ @[email protected] wnQkrm a`N\[email protected]\ l#@bn l`x [email protected]`\jn gn\n. 20 @vnQ [email protected] mEl @[email protected]`t a`pE @b_q\{ [email protected]`\{@y\ rFl\l ek\km, Cn\q lb` g#[email protected]| [email protected]\ n#vww\ @m ay a`gm m`r# kl`.

@mn\n rnQl\ @g [email protected]\ vQs\wr. a#qw\ ml\ vt|tQy olEv ud wQy`@gn gQy`t mQnQh ks`q b#n\@[ pl\[email protected]\! wmn\@g a`gm @m`kq\q kQyl` rt is\srh kQyn\n b#rQ mQnQh` g#n @vn kOmn kw`q?
Katuka duk wiraha meda - athara man wee giyada
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Re: Thoppigala & Ranil >> Let's Protest..
« Reply #9 on: October 02, 2007, 01:14:39 AM »
Oya Ranilata mole kalandak wath ne. Langainna pangara netto tika kulappu karapuwaama ohe kiyawanawa waachala katak wage. Mata oya katawa ehichcha welawe hituna Mail eken HARPIC BOTTLE ekak yawanna. E mokatada dannawada minihage kata hodanna  :D  :D