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For all forum users
« on: October 08, 2007, 07:13:34 PM »
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@m| @f`\r#[email protected]\ ev#nQ @q\t id n#w, mn\q ap mW mEw\wn\@gn\, @qm`pQy v#dQhQtQyn\@gn\ ap a`gm {r\[email protected]\ mn` @k`t hEr# pEr#qE vR, XQ;\T sm|pn\n bvw\, mn` sAymykOw\ ap vdv` a#wQ @hyQnQ.
kr#N`v qy`v @@mwWYy ,@m| ap kOd` kl sQtm pEr#qE pEhENE vn gON {r\myn\.
wv @[email protected] p`g`, @h`\ m#d pQy` @p`rk\ [email protected]| m`nsQkw\[email protected]\ @[email protected]\nn\t wv qErtw\ @mm @vb| [email protected]\ p#v#w\mk\ n#w

[email protected]\ @w`g pQtQn\ gnE lbn XWY l`AkQk skl vQqQ kL`vn\ apQ sQAhly` wOlQn\ @n`vQkONmE,  mn\q [email protected]\ [email protected]| @q\ s[h` ym| pYmQwQyk\ l#bQy yEwO @hyQn\q, @h`rkm| m#rkm| qEX\T aqmQtEkm|  apt nEpEr#qE @hyQn\q e'v` ap pQLQkOl\ krn\@nmE.

enQs`, obt ym| p#mQNQl\lk\ krn\n [email protected]`nm|, XQ;\tsm|pn\nv ey lQyn @ls il\l` sQtQmE.
ob krn s$m pYk`XnykQn\m @hLQ vn\@n\ [email protected]| crQwy bv vth` gn\n

sWgQrQ, @vbW , a#d|mQn\ ek\s\

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