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Re: B O O N D I - Bedaganu Pinisa
« on: October 09, 2007, 07:51:50 PM »
kSBQy` @hvw\ wrAg [email protected]\n @vw,
@m|kw\ ahgn\d... @[email protected]\ m kQyl q`n\nm|@k`..

@m| @f`\rm| [email protected]\,,,
rtt,, a`gmt, j`wQyt @h`\ @sbUn\t abml\ @r\nEvkQn\ hrQ aph`syk\ gm& @vn a`k`[email protected]\ kQsQym| sthnk\ @h`\ @p`\s\t| ekk\.....

kQsQym| pEq\[email protected] @h`\ a`ywnykt [email protected] @p_q\glQk v sQqE kl aph`syk\ @h`\ md g#sWmk\...

adAgO kQsQqE @p`\s\t| ekk\ @mm @f`\rmy wOl pl @n`kQrWm
[email protected]\ pYwQpw\wQy yQ... ey kQsQym| @[email protected] o|n$ a`k`ryt @vns\ kl @n`h#kQ yQ.. mn\q, o|n$m a`ywnykt "sm|mw pYwQpw\wQyk\" a#wQ b#vQnQ.. obt vEvq ey [email protected]\m y..

s`m`n& yEsr\ @[email protected]\ [email protected]\ ob @mm @f`\rmyt [email protected]\@n\, mRlQk lQy`[email protected]\ qW q#n\ vR "tr\m|s\ of\ yEs\" sthn kQyv` ekM [email protected]\ psE v y.. [email protected]\ nm| ob [email protected]\ em pYwQpw\wWn\t anEkOl vQy yEwO y..

[email protected]\ k`rNy nm|, ihw s[hn\ a`k`[email protected]\ o|n$m sthnk\ ivw\ kQrWmt ap kLmN`k`rWw\vy swOv [email protected]\{ blyk\ pvwQn awr,, ey [email protected] pYX\N kl @n`h#k.. mn\q, ob @mm @f`\rmy p`Tkyn\@g\ pY[email protected]`\jny pQNQs @n`[email protected]\ lb`@qn @s\v`vk\ b#vQnQ.. wvq,

@mhQ "sthn\ q#mWm" vn`hQ [email protected]\ ayQwQyk\ @n`v.. ap vQsQn\ "@n`[email protected]\ sls` qW a#wQ phsEkmk\ pmNk\ bv" q sLkn\n..

em nQs`,
obt vQkl\p @qkk\ a#w..

- [email protected]\ pYwQpw\wWn\t anEkSl v [email protected]\ @f`\rm s`m`jQkw\vy pvw\v` g#nWm.
- [email protected]\ aq`l sthn\ obt srQln @vnw\ @f`\rmyk\ kr` @y`mE kQrWm.

@mm kr#NE pQlQb[ @h`[ q#nEvw\bvkQn\ n#vw @mm @f`\rmyt p#[email protected]\n..

ap vQsQn\ ym| sthnk\ ivw\ krn\@n\, @vns\ krn\@n\ ap a`[email protected]\ "sm|mw pYwQpwQyt anEv" mQsk\ m`@g\ @h`\ ap p`ln`{Qk`[email protected]\ ek\@[email protected] @qn\@[email protected]\ uvmn`vt @n`vn bv @n`qn\nv` nm| q#ngn\n.

cn\n ern\q ktEv`[email protected]\ @hvw\ "a`qrNWy @vbW"
@f`\rm p`ln`{Qk`rQy @[email protected]\..

psE sthn:
hQwvw\ wrAg,
ihw kr#NE k`rN` anEv [email protected]\ @f`\rm sthn\ ivw\ kl h#kQ vEvw\, ap vQsQn\ em kr#NE sAv`qgw [email protected]|" aqhsQn\ yEwO v pl kr a#wQ "pYwQc`r" vlt w`r\kQk v sh krN`vt aq`l v uw\wr @qn\n.. ym| kr#Nk\ vQv`qgw vn\@n\ em ww\vy mw y... obt kQyn\nt o|n$ @qy m kW psE e'v`t pYwQ uw\wr qWmt wrm| XQk\;NykQn\ nQhwm`nW vn\n.. ob v#nQ pEq\[email protected] [email protected]| @mm h#sQrWm wrm| @n`@v|..

- cn\n

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Re: B O O N D I - Bedaganu Pinisa
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2007, 09:06:15 PM »
All the posts including  personal issues, troll pops and insults are moved away from this thread

Enough is enough
If u want, u can  reply or contribute to any post in this forum ,
if u dont want then dont ,
 we cant tolerate , self centered posts aiming individuals in this forum any more.

q#n\vw\ ivrkrmE
mA ahn\n k#mwQyQ kSBQy` @m| bRn\qQ kQyl`, lQyn\n gw\wO @wYd| ek lQyn\n  wmn\@g\ ar @ktQkw`v kp` q#mWm hrh` ht gw\, sQAhly`, cn\n [email protected]`\q\w`vy g#n lQyn\nq kQyl`

mElQn\ [email protected], [email protected]| nQym v#dk\, @h`[ a`tQkl\ tQkk\ [email protected]` kQyvn\n kQyl`
phE phE @[email protected]`t qkQn\n l#[email protected], kSBQy` [email protected]\ pQrQmQ kOt|tm @ktQk}`v sh cn\n kQyn m`w^k` vQwryQ

[email protected]\ [email protected]\, @m|vq bRn\qQ wOlQn\ apQt kQyvn\n kQyn\@n ?

pEq\gl md g#sWm| phr g#sWm| vlQn\ pQr#NE @wYd| ekk\ vWm nQs`, @mhQ an\wr\gwy pQrQphqE kQrWmt sQqE vQy.
pEq\gl phr g#sWm| vlt @mm @f`\r#[email protected]\ wvqErtw\ idk\ n#wQ bv mm mWt klQn\ q#n\vWmk\ [email protected] .anQk\ h#@m`\tm @p`qE nWwQy a#yQ kSBQy`t vQwrk\ kQYy`w\mk @n`vn\@n\ kQyl kQhQp @[email protected]\ pYX\N krn lq awr, a#w\@wn\m @m| a#wQvR ww\vy kOmk\q yn\n @my kQyvn . kQyvR @b`@h`\ @[email protected]\t q#ntmw\ @w\r#m| @g`s\ a#w#yQ sQwmQ


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