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Thrasthavaadaya Paraajayata "Czech" Udaw Nevathath..
« on: October 14, 2007, 11:56:15 PM »
wYs\wv`qy pr`jy kQrWmt @ck\ r`j&y iqQrQpw\ @v|..
- [email protected]\ qW wvw\ r`jw`n\wQYk n`yk hmEvk\..

sW I ktEv`[email protected]\, sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy
@mrt kQYy`w\mk vn el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qy nQm` kQrWm s[h` w`k\;NQk sh yEqmy [email protected]\ sQy pRr\N [email protected]`\gy lb` qWmt @ck\ r`j&y n#vww\ iqQrQpw\ vW a#w#yQ sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQyt v`r\w` @v|. psEgQyq` @mrtt p#mQNQ @ck\ smRh`N\[email protected]| [email protected]`\[email protected] , jn`{QpwQ mhQn\q r`jpk\; mhw` @vw @m| bv pvs` a#w.

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[email protected]\ qW evn\ [email protected]|y @[email protected]\ @[email protected]| j`wQk a`rk\;`v @[email protected]\ sQqE kl @ck\ smRh`N\dEv, [email protected]\ qW ovEn\@g\ ihL @[email protected]\ n`[email protected]\ @mrtt evWmt sRq`nmQn\ sQtQn` b#v| q sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQyt v`r\w` @v|.

- sQAhly` pEvw\

Further Information About RM-70 Grad Rocket System..

psEgQy nQqhs\ qQny q` @[email protected] axQm`nvw\ @ls hmEq` uw\wm`c`ryt ek\ [email protected]\ gY`d| @r`kt| yn\wYykQ..

RM70 Specifications
Weight    24 tonnes
Length    8.75 m
Width    2.5 m
Height    2.7 m
Crew    6
Armor    Steel
armament    122 mm (4.8-in)
armament    one machine gun type 59, four assault rifles Sa 58V, one portable anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7

Engine    T813-12 19 L 310 hp multi-fuel engine
310 hp
Suspension    Independent by swing axles
range    400 km (216 nm)
Speed    85 km/h

The Original News From Sinhalaya News:

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