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I agree at least on Sri Lankan soil that is. But the current high command should stay put if this is to become a reality. Will comment more later.

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Some may say the Defence secretary is bluffing, but he is not and this indeed can become a reality. This is why...

With the current methodical approach of the tri-forces, GOSL has managed to confine thereby concentrate the Tamil Tigers to the Wanni. Even though small covert Tiger groups are operational in the East, it is a highly hostile place for Tiger hierarchy to be in. With a permanent naval blockade taking place off the MULATIVU coast, thanks to high tech weaponry SLN managed to lay their hands on, the Tigers are pretty much 'trapped' within the confines of the Wanni.

Over the last few years GOSL and the Intelligence machinery of SLA/SLAF have been provided with highly detailed Satellite sweeps of the entire North and East. Some of these maps include detailed thermal imagery and GPS reference codes with accuracies up to 1m. I dont need to stress the importance of this level of intelligence available at hand of a determined enemy (vis a vis LTTE). This is in addition to photo sweeps by reconnaisance aircraft of friendlies over Tamil Tiger territory.

Such imagery are quite important for stationery targets, say bunkers, ammo dumps, air defense positions, impregnable strong points, runways etc. Coordinates for such targets are fixed and cannot change. Add to this scenario the real time intelligence provided by the aerial surveillance platforms. Movement of heavy guns, logistics, VIPs have been documented for the last 12 months. Even if these assets are constantly on the move, there are only a set number of points that can be utilised for their effective use. The best example is the K point of POONERYN where the Tamil Tigers had positioned two 130mm Type 59 howitzers to target the PALALY base and the adjoining KKS harbour. These targets were effectively taken in August 2006. Since then the Tigers have been watchful to use their long range assets sparingly as part of the shhot and scoot maneuver. The same applies to Tamil Tiger VIPs. There is only a set number of 'plots' the hierarchy can claim refuge from the dreaded decapitation strike by either LRRP teams/SLAF. With the SLA slowly inching into Tamil Tiger territory, it makes it even harder for the Tiger leadership to seek shelter since he then has to worry of a third harbinger of the dreaded decapitation strike -Long range artillery of SLA.

This has provided the SLAF much needed intelligence for the first time in the history of the conflict that can be targetted using smart deep penetrative munitions.

The outcome is as the Americans would say "no where to run, no where to hide". :-)
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