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kawi kathaa
« on: October 17, 2007, 11:51:19 PM »
kvQ lQynvt vd` am`r#yQ lQyR kvQyk rs e' a`k`[email protected]\m vQ[gn\n ek,,
lQyn kvQy`t [email protected] jWvQw prQZ`nym kQyvn rsQky`t [email protected]\nw\ o|nQ,,
n#w\wn\ @m| an\w @qk smbr @vn\@n n#h#.

iwQn\ rsQkyn\@g\ p#w\@wn\ kvQyn\t gw h#kQ @b`@h`\ @q\vl\,,,@h`[ [email protected] bQhQvWm s[h` ek\ rFs\ krn\nyQ [email protected]\ @m| v$ym.

wmn\@g\ hQwt avAk @vmQn\, ap @w`\rn kvQ-kQvQn\qQyn\@g\ nQr\m`Nyn\hQ adE lEhEVEkm|, r#v-gON @n`p#kQlv, @n`bQyv ovEn\t kQyn\n @m| id @vn\ krgn\n.

ap qkQn\@n\ "[email protected]| kvQ sAkl\pn`" mQs "ob" @n`@v|...

iwQn\ [email protected] obv [email protected]|cny krnv` y#yQ sQw` mn\@q`\w\s`hW vn\nt @h`\ pEq\gl`r\}yn\ hB` yn\nt ep`.

ap kw` kL yEw\@w\ nQr\m`N g#n\ pmNyQ. epmNyQ.

v#dQ upk`r s[h` @myw\ bln\n :,50.0.html

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Re: kawi kathaa
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2007, 12:09:56 AM »

a#d|mQn\ ek\s\, aqhs @h`[yQ.

kvQyk\, ls\snyQ @h`[yQ kQynvt vd` ymk\ e' g#n kQyn\n wrm| q#nEmk\ [email protected] kt|tQy [email protected] krnvnm| kQsQ pYX\Nyk\ n$, e'w\ [email protected]@{r\ymw\ @n`@vn a`k`[email protected]\ lQyn\n o|@n kQyl` mm il\l` sQtQnv`.
vd` p#h#qQlQ ar\}kwn, sh hrvw\ k}` bht [email protected]| @m|k vd` s`r\}k @vnE a#w.

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Re: kawi kathaa
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2007, 03:10:26 PM »
a#w\wtm @h`q aqhsk\... @[email protected]\ kvQyk adEp`dE sh kvQyk\ qQh` [email protected]` bln vQvQ{ a`k`ryn\ g#nw\ q#ngn\n pElEvn\ @vyQ kQyl` mm hQwnv`..eyQn\ vd` @h`q nQr\m`N krn\n @l`kO r#kOlk\ l#@byQ kQylw\ mm hQwnv`
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