Author Topic: Parana Fantasiyea YaLith sira gatha wemuda ?  (Read 8631 times)

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Parana Fantasiyea YaLith sira gatha wemuda ?
« on: January 09, 2008, 11:37:01 AM »
ap sQAhl @pL @p`@whQ wQbR "gW q @m`\ps`A" @g\ nRl\ k$l\l" @ktQ kw`v obt mwkq ?

kOd` kL sQAhl hV kv` n#rBR "mnEw`py" aqtw\ mwkyQ @n\q ?

p`sl\ k`[email protected]\ kQyvn\nt l#bENE aqtw\ mwk @p`w\ awr, @g`\r\[email protected]\ 'am|m`', cQAgWs\ ayQw\m`wv| @g\ 'gOr# gWwy', 'jmWl`', smg @qnEvr an\qry, yEq\{y h` s`my, kU vw h#[Q kw, v`@n\ pn\nry l#bR h#tQ, ,,,,

@k`yQ wrm| @p`w\ kn\qr`vk\, kw` @g`n\nk\ mwk wQbEN`q ?

e'w\ aq...
ek awkQn\ @p`w\vl mQl qr` gn\n b#h#..
pEs\wk`lvl aUw\ @p`w\ n#h#...
kQyvn\n wrm|, rs vQ[Qn\n wrm| is\p`sEvk\ mQnQsEn\t n#h#....

@m| h#[email protected]\ g#nm sQwmQn\, ob @vw vQX\vy pEr` vQsQr#NE vQXQ;\t @l\KkyQn\@g\ nQr\m`N kQyvn\nt ekwO kr @qn\nt sQwON`.

obt k#mwQnm| kQyvn\ntw\,
k#mwQ nm| sQn\hlt @prl` an\ ayt kQyvn\nt @qn\ntw\ pEUvnQ.

h#kQ pmNQn\ apt ahQmQ vENE e' awWw @s`[Er# @l`\[email protected]\ yLQw\ sQr gw @vmE.

@m| a`qrNWy uw\s`hy ob h#m @[email protected]\...

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Re: Parana Fantasiyea YaLith sira gatha wemuda ?
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2008, 10:47:06 PM »
Thanx for this effort cleo, thanx for adding this new category to this forum.
looking forward to read some sinhala keti kathaa as well
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Re: Parana Fantasiyea YaLith sira gatha wemuda ?
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2008, 02:00:48 PM »
im new for interested in reading so thank u for short stories which u have posted