Author Topic: Hindu bathimathunta, Suba thaipongal dinak wewa  (Read 9099 times)

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Hindu bathimathunta, Suba thaipongal dinak wewa
« on: January 15, 2008, 01:10:06 PM »

[email protected]\v`vsm|, sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy,

sr#s`r as\v#n\n @nl` g#[email protected]\ psE ehQ nQmQw\w vR sRr\yy`t, @s`b` qhmt, gv mhW;`qWn\t k^wgON qk\vmQn\, hQn\qRn\ vQsQn\ aq @l`v pEr` @@[email protected]`Agl\ uw\svy smrnE lbyQ.

@gvW gQy [email protected]\ @mn\m uq`vn [email protected]\q sXWYkw\vy pw`, hQr# uq`vt pY}m wm @g`vQ bQm|vlqW sRr\y qQv& r`jy`t aUw\ shl\ pRj` krmQn\ @mm uw\svy a`rm|x @v|.

@l`v pEr` @[email protected] sQylE hQn\qE b#wQmwOn\t pWYwQmw\ @@[email protected]`Agl\ uw\svyk\ @v|v` ! yQ apQq ek\sQw\v pY`r\}n` krmE.

-sQAhly` pEvw\

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