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My world
« on: June 03, 2008, 08:17:22 PM »
Me, my family and my friends,
This was my world.
I thought it was complete,
But my thoughts were wrong.
You came and wanted to enter into my world
It was so hard to find a place for you,
a place in my heart.

We had loads of problems,
I couldnít manage my world anymore,
I was lost, didnít know how to handle.
But you came with a solution;
The reason why you wanted to enter into my world:
That Ė great Ė big Ė mysterious - love
I couldnít resist that,
It was so huge, so big, and so large

After seeing your love,
I must, I wanted, I needed to enter you into my world.
I was obsessed; no matter how, I wanted it.
I tried my best to manage my world,
Gave you the place you deserve in my heart
Iím still trying to manage my world,
Itís hard but I donít have to worry anymore,
because I have you,
 I had you yesterday,
I have you today,
 And the most important one:
 I will have you in every single day in my future
Iím glad I entered you into my life,
This is one of the things I will never regret.
Welcome to my world!
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